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1992 Dodge Dakota 3.9L uses Lucas Transmission Fix

My 92 Dakota has 194.000 miles on it. About 2 years ago the trans began to slip at the 2nd and 3rd shift points. Injectors were noisy and idle was rough. Due to a lack of ready cash for repairs I had to let it sit for about a year. Late last year I installed a new fuel pump and repaired the brakes to get the truck back in running order. Needless to say the trans slip was worse. I changed the trans oil and filter and added a bottle of Lucas Trans fix. Changed engine oil and added oil treatment and fuel treatment. Fired her up and after running a while at idle engine runs as smooth as the day it was new. After driving about 100 miles or so the trans slip is gone with smooth shifting. Your products saved me at least $1100 for a trans rebuild. Thank you. I recommend Lucas to everyone.

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