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Lucas Oil Products, Inc. - Corona, CA

Lucas Oil Products, Inc. - Corona, CA

Located in a historic 100 year old citrus processing plant, the Lucas Oil Products corporate headquarters produces product for the Western third of the United States. It also handles product exports destined for Austrailia, and the Far East.

Lucas Oil Products, Inc.
302 North Sheridan St.
Corona, CA 92880

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Television Schedule

All times are Eastern. Subject to change.
Sunday, Apr 28
8:00 PM
Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series
Glen Helen Raceway Park - San Bernardino, CA
Turbo UTV/Pro 2-Rd 1
Friday, May 3
12:00 AM
Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series
Williams Grove Speedway - Mechanicsburg, PA
360 Sprint Cars

Events Schedule

Subject to change.
Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series 2019
Saturday, Apr 27
Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series

Round 4

@ Glen Helen Raceway
MLRA 2019
Saturday, Apr 27

1st Annual

@ Caney Valley Speedway

Terence Van Rooyen uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer for 1988 Honda Civic 1.5


My name is Terence. I am a 19 year old student with no money. I drive a 1988 Honda Civic. I bought this vehicle because for its great gas mileage but when I got the car it would not go past 100 km/h on the highway and would take forever to get there. It would drink the gas, not suck or sip it, drink it! I could see the needle go down when I tried to speed up on the on-ramp.

I bought some "off the rack" additive which guarantees this and that...bla bla bla. It didn't work.

I got a job at a Acura dealer here in North Toronto and the technicians here taught me alot about cars and I also saw what they were putting in their cars. I asked them where they got this Lucas stuff.

I bought some the next day and changed my oil poured the oil stabilizer in. Let me just say my power skyrocketed and gas mileage plummeted. I can do about 500 km on a tank now which before I could only do 200 km...that's a 150% improvement.

I can say this car just keeps going and going all thanks to you guys.



North Toronto Cananda

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