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Chris Andrews To Win The Top Fuel Finals

September 9, 2013 - F&A Racing with UK Top Fuel racer Chris Andrews ended the last race in the FIA European Drag Race Championship with a victory at the finals. Racing on home ground proved to be an important factor for the british team at Santa Pod.

In front of a full packed venue at the european playground of drag racing F&A Racing had all eyes on them to show the home crowd what they were capabel of, and with a hired and fully tuned US championship winning dragster from the european legend tuner Rune Fjeld, the team and driver Chris Andrews was focused to make an impact at the last race of the year in Europe.

At the arrivel of the finals day Andrews was qualified as number four. They had minor issues in all four qualification runs but this proved to be the story for all the other teams as well. And since the championship already was sealed it was all in for everybody to make the last effort.

In Elimination 1 Chris was facing a fresh rookie from the island of Malta, Chris Polidano, who licensed in top fuel with great sucsess the previous days. Polidano got in trouble at the burnout and left F&A Racing of easy entering the next round. Elimination 2 was on paper a much bigger challenge, pairing up against the European Champion Thomas Nataas. Both charged really hard at the start-line but the norwegian was to trigger happy and redlighted so Chris went for it half the way and turned engine off to save parts rolling in as one of the two competitors for the event win.

The final was run as day started to fade to evening, with dark rainy clouds threathening in the horizon. In the line-up stood two hard charging Top Fuel dragster, both with more than 8000 horsepower outputs and nitromethane as the base fuel. Chris Andrews was given the last instructions from his crew chief Eddie Corr before he was strapped in by mechanic Steffen Korsmo. Beside him was one of the more experienced race drivers in european drag racing, Stig Neergaard from Denmark. Stig came into the last round with the impressive result he had in previous event in Sweden where the danes runned some sweet 3 second runs. Both were boom away at green light and left side by side. At 400 feet the wheels on Stig's dragster starts to spin, losing the grip, while Chris stays at full throttle and blasts the finish line as winner of a championship round for the first time in his career.

F&A Racing would like to take this opportunity to thank Lucas Oil for the much appriciated cooperation and to all the fans and followers out there who means so much for the team. Now as the season is over for 2013 F&A Racing will start planning for the future. The 2014 season will be a full championship commitment for the team, running their own dragster to hopefully some more victories, for their fans, sponsors and for ENGLAND!

«Winning this race is a dream come true, we have worked so hard as a family to get to a position to race in Top Fuel, I would like to dedicate this win to my parents and my sister. I could not have done this without our support and belief in me. I need to thank everyone at Lucas Oil in the USA and everyone at Lucas Oil UK for your continuous support. I need to thank the home crowd for the support we received, every time we got to the start line we got great cheers, so thank you for that. I can not wait for next year.»