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2010 Vegas Lucas Oil Off Road Racing - Who's In? Who's Out?

Courtesy of Dirt Newz
Las Vegas, Nevada - March 1, 2010 (By Tim Sanchez) With NASCAR gone overnight from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway all the attention has turned to the only activity at the track and that happens to be the opening race of the 2010 Lucas Oil Off Road Series.

The normal casual follower may think that the beginning of a new season is ho-hum and the cast of characters involved may change a bit and everything is business as usual. We’ll that is far from the case thus far in the 2010 season.

The Lucas Oil Series was scheduled to begin at a track in Southern California where they had great success in both racing and drawling huge crowds. However, that all came to a halt over the past few weeks as Lucas Oil Off Road Series architect, Bob Patison and the management at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Complex could not agree on terms for the 2010 contract and hence the race was moved to a then yet to be built race track at LVMS.

Ah, the lure of Sin City and off road racing has certainly been at the forefront of the Vegas world for years dating back to the early days of the MINT 400 and the antics of the downtown Las Vegas contingency and technical inspections.

But fast-forward to 2010 and the determination of Bob Patison’s hard working get it done at all cost manager, Tony Vanillo. While the world of Las Vegas swirled around Danica Patrick and what I often refer to as “DanicaWorld,” the new NASCAR, Lucas Oil’s Tony Vanillo has been churning dirt and creating a brand new closed-course race track near the southwest end of the Las Vegas Motorsports Speedway. Vanillo and his band of employees and volunteers have created a race track that may be one of his finest pieces of art in many years. And he’s done it all in about two-weeks since he discovered that the season would not start at Lake Elsinore where it would have been so so easy.

With the creation of the new potential state-of-the-art track for the nations top racers to bang bumpers, doors and fenders on, the WORD is that racers from the “other” series are “on the way” across the nation to Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

It is no secret that there is clearly some animosity and ego involved between the executive management teams of both the TORC Series and the Lucas Oil Off Road Series. They each have worked hard at building their respective series, but nonetheless, they certainly cannot agree on much of anything together. Many have dreamed of a TORC and LUCAS Oil combined series that would put the best racers in each class against the best in one united front, but that seems to be a pipedream at its best. Or is it?

In recent days, DIRTnewz has spoken to various industry insiders who asked to remain anonymous, but the WORD is that TRAXXAS sponsored teams are currently driving their race haulers to LVMS for this weekend’s season opener. They include Jeff Kincaid – Crandon, Wisconsin, Kenny Kincaid – Crandon, Wisconsin, Johnny Greaves – Abrams, Wisconsin, Rick Huseman – Riverside, California, Mark & Mike Jenkins – Plano, Texas.

And it doesn’t stop there. AMSOIL backed racer, Scott Douglas, whose race team headquarters are located in the Midwest is confirmed to be moving his race team hauler to LVMS. DIRTnewz spoke to AMSOIL’s Scott Douglas this afternoon and he confirmed that he was just loading his race truck and that he may or may not be racing, but he didn’t want to miss something big if it happened.

Both TRAXXAS and AMSOIL were major sponsors of the 2009 TORC Series and perhaps the success of the Lucas Oil Off Road Series has garnered interest from not only racers, but corporate sponsors as well.

Expect the unexpected this weekend from the season opener of the 2010 Lucas Oil Off Road Series where one thing is a guarantee, it may be the greatest racing action seen in many years. DIRTnewz will be there all weekend long.

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