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The racing season started off early this year for Lucas Oil Off Road racer, Carl Renezeder. With an invitation to the Red Bull Frozen Rush, Carl and his team headed to Sun River Resort, in Newry Maine to compete with 8 of the world's best Pro-4 drivers in the inaugural race. When asked - why race in the snow? Carl replied, " I'm always looking forward to new accomplishments, and seeing how far we can push these trucks over new intense terrain sounds exhilarating."


After several delays due to the astonishing "Polar Vortex" weather system that moved in last week, the team finally got to try their truck out at Wednesday's practice, kicking up snow instead of dirt, Renezeder took his hi-flying 4-wheel drive truck over some new and exciting terrain . " I thought it would be fun to see the capabilities of my Pro-4 in a different environment, and to compete with other Pro-4 drivers to test my skills, " continued Renezeder. Thursday's qualifying had Renezeder placing third, in this new and challenging environment.


On Friday - race day, Renezeder and Ricky Johnson squared off for battle on the slippery slopes of the Sunday River Ski resort. On lap one, Renezeder and Johnson were battling it out, on lap two as Renezeder was picking up speed over some hard, slick ice, he over-rotated and got stuck on the K-rail, Johnson went on to win that round and ultimately the race. Disappointed in his run, Renezeder however stated " I had a great time, lots of fun tackling a new terrain and learning how drive in icy conditions." "I only wish I could have had more track time in the snow." Already looking forward to next years event, Renezeder concluded with, " I wonder where they'll have the next Frozen Rush?"