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Ed. note: Over my many years in the automotive high-performance industry, the hardest performance parts to verify have always been engine additives for oil, water and fuel. My old boss, Jim Oddy, was a freak about oil and whether it could increase performance or parts life. We dyno tested every variety of oil additive we could find and some of them were our sponsors and, to be honest, I was never involved in one of those tests where the additive made a significant improvement on the dyno. The one additive Oddy swore by was Lucas Oil's oil treatment and the gas/diesel additive.

So a while back, when ET Drag Racing magazine Editor and DRO bracket guru Jok Nicholson was complaining about his motorhome's gas mileage and oil pressure, I told him that Jim Oddy swore by the product and that I used it in my beater 1996 Dodge van and suggested he try it on his December 2013 trip from Janesville, Iowa, to Key West, Florida. He spent a couple of hundred dollars on Lucas fuel and oil additive and used it driving to and from Florida.

The results of using Lucas Oil Products are below and they are pretty impressive. This summer we are going to try some other oil company products - again bought and paid for by us - and we'll let you know how those work. – Jeff Burk

We made a rather "quick but long" trip a few weeks ago to escape the winter weather of Iowa for a few weeks and to see our son, daughter-in-law and two grandkids who are stationed with the U.S. Coast Guard in Key West, Fla. The week before we left I was looking over the old '95 Hawkins motorhome and checking the things I could whenever the snow wasn't blowing or the wind howling. (December, January and now February have been cold and ugly in Iowa!)