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Reynolds and Bates Crowned Lucas Oil Holeshot Kings

The sun shined down on two newly crowned Lucas Oil Holeshot Kings last weekend at the FMF California Classic at Pala Raceway. With the help of Nicole D. Cesa, spokesperson and 30-second board girl of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series, Lucas Oil awarded $50 to every holeshot winner in every moto over the four days of racing, totaling $7,000 in contingency. The riders with the most holeshots at the close of the weekend were crowned Lucas Oil Holeshot Kings and awarded custom-made Americore SMX stainless steel crowns.

Devon Bates

In the big bikes classes Devon Bates snagged the Holeshot King crown, also winning six Lucas Oil Holeshot awards for a total of $300 in Lucas cash. Bates finished off the weekend with an impressive six moto wins and three AMA titles on his #110 Husqvarna.


Jett Reynolds

In the mini bikes classes, the #79 of Jett Reynolds took home the Americore SMX crown, earning six holeshots over the course of the weekend. Reynolds also rounded out the weekend with a whopping eight moto wins and three AMA titles on his team green Kawasaki bike, making him one of the most decorated riders of the weekend.

The race for the next Lucas Oil Holeshot King will kick off at Mammoth Motocross on June 16-25, 2017 in Mammoth Lakes, California.