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Forrest Lucas Receives Missouri State Fair Appreciation Plaque

Wendy Faulconer, Forrest Lucas, Doug LogesPhoto Left to Right
Wendy Faulconer. Executive Director-MO State Fair Foundation
Forrest Lucas, Lucas Oil and Protect The Harvest
Doug Loges. Swine Barn Improved Committee, MO State Fair

Brownsburg, IN. (Jan 18, 2018) - On Saturday night, January 6, Forrest Lucas, founder of Lucas Oil and Protect The Harvest, received a "Foundation Appreciation" plaque for his donation of two sections of bleachers to the Missouri State Fair Swine Barn Preservation and Improvement Initiative. The plaque itself is cut from a piece of salvaged bleacher wood from the 1922 MSF Swine Barn.

According to Wendy Faulconer, Executive Director-Missouri State Fair Foundation who said, “Forrest’s generosity not only fueled others to give at a high level, it sparked a movement whereby people paused to reflect on their personal legacy, blessings, and how to share those with the next generation of Missouri agriculture. It was truly priceless.”

The new bleachers are Part 11 of the Swine Barn improvement project. Forrest Lucas will also donate resources to build the new bleachers.