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JuniorMotoX Announces New 50cc Beginner Classes


February 22, 2018 - JuniorMotoX has become known as the place where the best amateur racers in the country come to test themselves indoors but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the beginners.

For 2018 JuniorMotoX will give 4-6 year old beginners a chance to test their skills in two new classes – 50cc Beginner and 50cc Air Cooled class. The youngsters will compete on the same course as the heroes of amateur racing.
May 10-12, 2018 racers from around the country will line up inside the Lazy E in Guthrie Oklahoma . “ When JuniorMotoX was created we wanted to give every kid a chance to compete and adding this opportunity for beginners is one more step in that direction” said Tom Zielinski the co-creator of JuniorMotoX.

Throughout the season we heard many families talk about the event but they felt like the competition level was too high for their beginner. Jay Reynolds who has been a part of JuniorMotoX from the start said “ families are really interested in JuniorMotoX and racing in general but want a class that doesn’t pit their beginning racer against factory backed experienced racers”.
Classes at JuniorMotoX sell out each year……don’t wait to sign up.