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New Low Viscosity Stabilizer from Lucas Oil: Developed for the Modern Engine

11097 Low Viscosity Stabilizer 12ozCORONA, Cali. (November 19, 2018) – After months of development and testing, Lucas Oil Products, Inc. is introducing the new Low Viscosity Stabilizer to its impressive product line of oil additives. The new oil additive product was specifically designed to amplify the life and performance of a modern engine that uses lower viscosity engine oils. The product improves fuel economy and power by reducing the level of friction which improves any premium quality motor oil.

“We have been monitoring the market factors and manufacturer specifications over the recent years and saw that oil viscosities have been steadily decreasing. This trend is driven by increasingly stringent fuel economy goals and is enabled by tighter machining tolerances. In many cases smaller, high output engines have replaced larger ones and with possibly more power than older engines. All this puts stress on motor oil – higher temperatures and higher sheer forces. This stress can translate into oil breakdown: loss of viscosity, increased sludge and varnish, oxidation and carbon deposits,” stated Lucas Oil Technical Director Greg Hewgill.

Morgan Lucas, Senior Vice President of Sales for Lucas Oil, shared, “Lucas Oil has always been on the leading edge of product development in the oil additive market. Lucas Oil’s answer is our new Low Viscosity Stabilizer. It is a multifunctional oil additive which reduces friction for more power and fuel economy, improves dispersancy to fight carbon deposits, sludge and varnish and contains antioxidants to help motor oil resist thermal breakdown. Above all, it reduces wear, extending the life of the engine.”

Lucas Oil Products new Low Viscosity Stabilizer will amplify your engine’s performance today. You can find the product at your favorite auto parts retailer.

Part # 11097

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Lucas Oil Products was founded by Forrest and Charlotte Lucas with the simple philosophy of producing only the best line of lubricants and additives available anywhere. Since its inception, Lucas has steadfastly adhered to this corporate objective. Through innovative product research and development, along with aggressive marketing programs, Lucas has established itself as the top selling additive line in the United States. Additionally, Lucas Oil offers a premium line of motor oils, greases, fuel treatments, industrial lubricants, and problem solving additives to help firmly establish Lucas Oil as a prominent figure in the marketplace.

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