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Formula Drift Orlando with Matt Field

Matt Field
Photo Courtesy of Alex Wong, Emotive Image

Orlando, FL (May 6, 2019) - Coming into Orlando the team and I had our sights set high. This is a tricky track in that it appears simple, but the small differences in car setup and driving technique separate the top from the bottom of the field.

Thursday practice was going great, we were dialing in and getting comfortable. The team and myself were making big changes. We ended the day feeling great and the car driving well.

Friday morning practice was time to dial in for qualifying. We were working to get both Pat and myself comfortable over the rough track. Fortunately we have some awesome Parts Shop Max 3 way adjustable shocks that provide incredible control.

On the first qualifying passes I received a 96 and Pat a 91. We were both comfortably in the show, but with the amount of high scores racking up, we both knew we needed to throw it down in the second run.

Pat delivered receiving a score of 97 and I made a mistake coming off the bank and over rotated. I had to sit on my score of 96, landing us in 10th for the day.

Competition day, our first battle was with Dylan Hughes, he has been improving his vehicle every lap and we knew we had our work cut out for us. Pat was to face Jeff Jones and fortunately for us, Pat was feeling great all day.

Pat edges out Jeff Jones and slides his way into top 16.

The battle between Dylan and myself was not quite as straight forward. I was having a few mechanical issues with the car, causing us to call a 5 minute to try and work out the bugs.

We headed back out and won the battle, but we had our work cut out for us in the top 16 where we would face Chelsea Denofa.

I knew the battle was going to be tough with Chelsea. The RTR team was performing amazingly all weekend and they had those cars hooked up.

The team and myself threw all the grip and speed we possibly could at the Falken Tire, Borla Exhaust C6 Corvette.

In the battle I followed first. Although I initiated right on Chelsea’s rear bumper, there was a gap formed immediately. That gap would hold all the way to the finish line.

Swapping positions Chelsea had a solid follow on me, keeping about a car gap away. My lead run was one of the best runs I had done all weekend, but it just wasn’t quite enough.

The judges went towards Chelsea and our weekend was done. We just couldn’t quite get the speed out of the car that we needed to perform at the level we know we are capable of.

Onward to Atlanta, the car will go through some changes, and we hope to have the speed figured out. I believe in my team and I know we will be coming back stronger than ever!

The judges pulled us down in front of the crowd and announced that James got the win and we finished in 2nd place.