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Brad Jackson Racing Spring Speed Nationals 2019 Report

Brad Jackson Racing

CORONA, CA (May 7, 2019) - Wayne & Brad headed to Santa Pod on Friday to help set the pit up and build the car up, it is transported in 2 halves, the car was put together and went to scrutineering which it passed ok, we had a restful evening and looked forward to this 2 day meeting which is new to the championship calendar after the demise of Shakespeare County Raceway. Saturday morning brought a sunny but extremely cold day, the track prep crew had changed the track preparation and we were hopeful Brad’s runs would be a lot straighter and more consistent, this turned out to be the case as Brad’s runs were the best they had been since the start of 2018.

2019 05 07 brad jackson racing 02Qualifying 1
Wayne studied the data and predicted the car was going to run 7.64 and Brad ran 7.67, 3 hundredths of a second over dial in was good enough for second place in Q1. Wayne studies previous runs, track temperature, tyre temperature, air density, humidity, ambient temperature and the time of day, and after every run the car’s data is downloaded and analysed, these all have a bearing on how the car runs so there is quite a lot of science goes into the dial in prediction.

Qualifying 2
Wayne studied the data and predicted the car would run 7.64 and Brad actually ran 7.6543, almost 1.43 hundredths of a second over the dial in, this was with a terminal speed of 174mph and was good enough to put Brad into the number one spot. Unfortunately before we could get Brad’s 3rd qualifying run it started to rain, in fact it hail stoned!

Every time the track crew got the track dry and ready to qualify on it rained again so eventually at 4.30 the day’s racing was abandoned.

Sunday morning Brad had drawn Barry Giles, a really tough opponent who had been the Champion in 2010 and with 15 event wins in his career was no easy opponent for Brad, ( not that there are any easy opponents in the Super Pro Class ), unfortunately this turned out to be a round one elimination for Brad, although Wayne had dialled a 7.64 and Brad ran 7.66, a mere 2 hundredths of a second over dial in (0.0205 ), Barry had pulled a hole shot 0.006, 6 thousandths of a second, reaction time which Brad couldn’t overcome and Barry took the win by 0.0235 of a second, congratulations to Barry!

Brad’s weekend was still a positive one with taking the No 1 qualifying spot his points tally moved him up from 3rd place in the championship to joint second with Collin Morrice, the points at the top after 2 races are extremely close and this makes for a very interesting and exciting 2019.

The next meeting at Santa Pod is the Main Event on the 24th – 27th May, this 4 day meeting has 44 entries from all over Europe who will be trying to qualify for the 32 places available, there will be 12 disappointed drivers who will not make the field and face the long drive home!

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