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Lucas Oil Cetane Power Booster Now Offered at Love’s Travel Stops Nationwide

Cetane Power Booster at Loves

CORONA, Calif. (September 4, 2019) - Lucas Oil Products Inc., the globally renowned American-based manufacturer and distributor of additive and lubricant products, has announced a partnership with Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores to provide motorists and professional truck drivers with Lucas Oil's Cetane Power Booster. The diesel fuel supplement, which extends engine life and fuel economy, is now available at over 400 Love’s Travel Stop locations nationwide.

“With their commitment to providing around-the-clock access to safe and convenient locations for motorists and truck drivers nationwide to purchase fuel and other vehicle necessities, it made complete sense for Lucas Oil to add the Cetane Power Booster to Love’s Travel Stops shelves,” said Shane Burns, VP of National Sales for Lucas Oil Products. “The summer heat adds unwanted stress to high-pressure motors, and our Cetane Power Booster adds much-needed cleaners and lubricants required for diesel fuel, making it an essential additive to keep diesel engines running like new.”

When added to engine fuel, Lucas Oil Cetane Power Booster delivers the following benefits:

  • Cleaner exhaust, longer filter life, easy start-ups and smoother idle
  • Increased power, fuel economy and engine life
  • Reduced fuel wear by 27%
  • Maintained peaked performance
  • Essential cleaners and lubricants

Consumers can find their nearest Love’s location by visiting the official company website and utilizing the Store Locator tool.