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SEMA 2019: Lucas Oil Talks Bag In A Box

Lucas Oil Bag in a Box

Las Vegas, NV (November 12, 2019) - While SEMA was popping off over at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the AAPEX was making waves at the Sands Convention Center. In its hallowed halls, Lucas Oil was showcasing some new wares. Among them was the Bag In A Box, which is now available.

We spoke with Ford McAlexander to find out what Bag In A Box was all about. First and foremost, it’s geared toward repair shops, quick lubes, and dealerships. “We wanted to make these guys’ lives easier,” began McAlexander.

Bag In A Box is a new packaging setup that provides a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution,” he continued. “If you work in a repair capacity, our Bag In A Box will give you easy access to essential fluids without any fuss.”

Bag In A Box works by utilizing a storage rack, and the fluids are stored in six-gallon bags inside boxes, hence the name. Lucas Oil offers a wide variety of its products in this packaging format. As McAlexander commented, “We carry everything from regular, passenger-car motor oils to heavy-duty motor oils to European-spec motor oils. We’re pretty much putting every motor oil we offer into a box. There are probably about 30 part numbers in total.”

Lucas Oil Bag in a Box

When someone wants to use the Bag In A Box, they simply grab a jug and place it under the box, pouring until they have the desired amount, and then stopping the valve. Transparent markers on the sides of the jugs let the technician know how much he’s filled up.

It’s an ingenious idea that will make oil changes and top-offs a breeze for auto shops and even pit crews. To find out more, be sure to check out the Lucas Oil website and Facebook page.

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