2-Cycle Oils

2-Cycle Oil

Lucas Synthetic Marine 2-Stroke Oil is a premium 2-Stroke lubricant suitable for both outboards and personal watercraft.

Lucas developed this new 2-Cycle engine oil specifically for racing and other demanding applications. It is great for all high RPM and high compression applications such as Dirt Bikes, Quads and Go-Karts.

Lucas High Performance Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil has been specifically developed to give a long trouble-free life to gasoline-powered 2-cycle engines.

Lucas High Performance Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Land & Sea Oil TC-W3 has been specifically developed for Motorcycles, ATVs, Go Karts, Personal Watercraft, Outboards, Snowmobiles, Weed Eaters and Chain Saws. Mix ratio is 50:1.

Lucas Synthetic 2-Cycle Snowmobile has been formulated with a special blend of synthetic oils and a low ash additive package to lower exhaust emissions.

Lucas Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Marine oil has been specifically formulated to address the performance requirements of water cooled 2-cycle outboards and personal watercraft.

John Lindley is happy about his Mercedes Benz with Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak

I own a 2000 Mercedes S500 sedan.  About 3 months ago, its powering steering pump made loud squeaking sound and my MB mechanic told me the hose leaks after checking it out.  Rather than replacing the power steering unit which could easily cost me more than a $1000, he gave me a 1-liter bottle of the German Febi power steering fluid to periodically add it to the reservoir.  After a few weeks, it didn't stop the slow leak, so I switched to 4 different U.S. brands of steering fluids, tried a little bit of each, and still the slow leak continued.  Then about 3 weeks ago, I read about the Lucas stop leak and bought a 32-oz. container of your stuff.  The first things I notice about the Lucas fluid is, (a) it's thick and gluish; (b) the pointed tip of the Lucas container is very convenient to pour, unlike the other brands which I have to use a funnel.  I started adding the Lucas fluid into the reservoir a few squirts at a time, daily for about a week, making sure not overfilling it, checking the dipstick twice each time.  Then I stopped adding the fluid for one week, but continued checking the fluid level.  Lo and behold, the leak stopped!  And I still have about 3/4 of the Lucas bottle left.  The steering works fine now and I continue to enjoy the smoothness and prestige of the Mercedes S500 luxury sedan.  Thanks, Lucas, you've saved me a bundle! 

Happy Guy in San Francisco, CA
John Lindley

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