2-Cycle Oils

2-Cycle Oil

Lucas High Performance Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Land & Sea Oil TC-W3 has been specifically developed for Motorcycles, ATVs, Go Karts, Personal Watercraft, Outboards, Snowmobiles, Weed Eaters and Chain Saws. Mix ratio is 50:1.

Lucas Synthetic Marine 2-Stroke Oil is a premium 2-Stroke lubricant suitable for both outboards and personal watercraft.

Lucas developed this new 2-Cycle engine oil specifically for racing and other demanding applications. It is great for all high RPM and high compression applications such as Dirt Bikes, Quads and Go-Karts.

Lucas High Performance Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil has been specifically developed to give a long trouble-free life to gasoline-powered 2-cycle engines.

Lucas Synthetic 2-Cycle Snowmobile has been formulated with a special blend of synthetic oils and a low ash additive package to lower exhaust emissions.

Lucas Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Marine oil has been specifically formulated to address the performance requirements of water cooled 2-cycle outboards and personal watercraft.

From now on will run nothing but Lucas products in my trucks and cars

First of all let me say I've used Lucas Oil Stabilizer and Fuel Treatment for my Volvo and Detroit diesel engines then switched to Motorkote. Two weeks ago I fueled up and started noticing my truck was getting hesitant and was taking longer to start. Everyday it got worse....10 to 15 seconds to start and it started throwing me injector codes. I figured either I had a bad injector, electrical short or a dirty injector. I was in Denton TX heading home to San Antonio TX when I decided to pour a gallon of Lucas Fuel Treatment in my tanks. About an hour into my drive I pulled over there was no change I figured bad injector so time to get home and head to the shop. When I got home 4 hours later I noticed the codes had cleared and the engine was running smooth and quiet so I was a little relieved. The next morning I was worried because I knew it would act up and I'd have issues starting it. I put the key in turned the switch and she fired right up. I changed the filters, fueled up put a little more treatment in and this engine has been running perfect since. Lucas you have won me over I know your products work and from now on will run nothing but Lucas products in my trucks and cars. -Shawn H., San Antonio, TX
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