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John Nash uses Lucas Fuel Treatment for Tractor

To whom it may concern,

I have been using your products for over two years and believe them to be the best additives available. I have one tractor with over a million miles and another with 750,000 miles. Both are running great and when we recently put bearings in them, we were very surprised at the condition of the old bearings. We run oil analysis randomly and the wear metals in our oil have greatly improved since we started using Lucas Oil Additive. We also run five 26,000 lb to 32,000 lb gvw straight trucks and three gas powered light to medium duty vehicles, all of which are run hard and accumulate a lot of miles. We run Lucas Oil Additive and Lucas Fuel Additive in all of them. I was really surprised at the improvement in power and fuel mileage I got when I put Lucas Fuel Additive in my personal vehicle, a '93 Ford F-150 4x4 with a 300 six cylinder and 5 speed. This vehicle has over 111,000 miles and is the lowest mileage vehicle here. My mechanic also uses and recommends Lucas Products. Keep up the good work!

Thank You,

John R. Nash

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