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Keith R. has racked up 228,000 miles on his Pontiac Gran Prix with Lucas Transmission Fix - No Problems!

I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix.  I started using the Lucas oil additive at 100K. As time went on I also used your additives for power steering and transmission. I have 228,000 miles on my car thanks to Lucas!!  Three months ago I had my transmission serviced.  I had the guy add a container of the transmission additive. Two weeks ago I was driving and I felt the transmission go. Initially the car would not move but I got it going and decided to drive it to the garage 13 miles away.  When I arrived there was NO TRANSMISSION FLUID IN MY CAR due to a broken hose. When the mechanic found out that I drove 13 miles he stated, \you smoked it!\ I told him that I had Lucas in the transmission and I wanted him to look it over for me.  Much to his surprise, the transmission was NOT harmed! 

THANK YOU Lucas!  I love your products and so does my old car!

Keith Reed

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