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Steve G's fixed transmission issues on his 2006 S10 with 150K Miles with Lucas Transmission Fix

I use Lucas Products in all my bikes. But, I want to tell you about my shop truck. In 2006 I bought a S10 pickup for the shop and to pick up bikes. It had 80,000 miles on it, 2.2l with a 5 speed. Shifting wasn't crisp and 3rd gear howled badly. Replaced transmission oil and still had noise. I replaced fluid again but this time added 50% with Lucas Sythetic Stabilizer. About a week later was driving around and noticed shifting felt crisp and could actually feel detents like a new truck and noise was somewhat quieter. A month later noise was gone. 5 years later and 70,000 more miles it still feels great and still quiet.

Thanks Lucas.
Steve \brewdude\ Garn

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