Slick Mist Interior Detailer

Slick Mist Interior Detailer

Lucas Slick Mist Interior Detailer is a spray treatment exclusively formulated by Lucas Oil Products designed to clean and protect like nothing you’ve ever used. Spray as needed onto interior surfaces such as plastic, vinyl, leather, rubber and metal for a “like-new” look. Cleans and protects, dashboards, consoles, doors and trim. Also works great on household furniture.

Key Benefits

  • Ease of Application
  • Restores Interior
  • Great for Cars, Trucks, Boats, and Airplanes
  • Shines and Protects in One Easy Application
  • Over Spray Not a Problem
  • Water Based
  • Non-oily Formula
  • pH Neutral (7-8)
  • Sling Resistant
  • Quick and Easy
  • UV Resistant / Protection
  • Long Lasting


  • #10514 - 24 Ounce (Case of 6) - 11 lbs
  • #10558 - Slick Mist Detail Kit - 25 lbs


Do not use any Slick Mist® Products on floors, vehicle controls (PEDALS, GRIPS, STEERING WHEELS), motorcycle seats or tire treads, bicycle seats or tire treads, brake drums and any other surfaces where slipperiness may be hazardous.


Technical Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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Product Videos - Slick Mist

  • Lucas Slick Mist

Patrick uses Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer in his 1985 Toyota Celica

I have an 85 Celica and the fourth piston would always knock and I would use Mobile 1 Full Synthetic everytime I would do an oil change and I never thought to use lucas well someone told that would shut up the knocking in the fourth piston well I gave it a try used 3 QTS of mobile 1 full synthetic and dropped one quart of the oil stabilizer and the knocking stopped before I even dumped the whole bottle in I am a now a Firm Believer in Lucas I also used the Powersteering stop leak and it has not leaked a drop of power steering in over a month. I now also use the fuel treatment with every fill up and I went from 21 mpg to 30 mpg and my engine has never run so well.

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