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Modern diesel engines are highly sophisticated pieces of machinery that demonstrate much better power and fuel economy than ever before. Traditionally, diesel engines had the reputation for being able to burn almost anything – in the jargon of the industry, diesels were said to be “fuel insensitive.” That is no longer the case.

The EMA (Truck and Engine Manufactures Association) says this about diesel fuel and Cetane Number:

“Generally, diesel engines will operate better year-round on fuels with Cetane Numbers above 50, compared to fuels with cetane numbers of the national average of approximately 45. Cetane Number may be increased through the refining process or the blending of combustion ignition-improving additives by fuel suppliers.”

Regarding diesel fuel lubricity they say this:

“Lubricity describes the ability of a fluid to minimize friction between, and damage to, surfaces in relative motion under loaded conditions. Diesel fuel injection equipment relies on the lubricating properties of the fuel. Shortened life of engine components such as fuel injection pumps and unit injectors usually can be attributed to a lack of fuel lubricity and, hence, lubricity is of concern to engine manufacturers. This property is not addressed adequately by ASTM D 975.”

And finally, concerning diesel fuel detergency they state:

“Some diesel fuels which do not contain detergents, have a tendency to form carbon deposits on certain fuel injectors. It has generally been found that low sulfur fuels and thermally unstable fuels have a greater tendency to form these deposits. Detergent additives will prevent carbon deposits, which interfere with fueling and fuel spray patterns, from forming.  Dirty injectors will invariably give rise to higher smoke levels in all equipment and, in some equipment, can limit power by restricting flow.”

These are not quotes taken from manufacturers of fuel treatments or promoters of additives, but the EMA Consensus Position (JOINT EMA/TMC PUMP GRADE SPECIFICATION FOR PREMIUM DIESEL FUEL).  Major diesel truck and engine manufacturers are members of EMA and include: Caterpillar, Cummins, Daimler Trucks of North America, Ford Motor Company and Deere & Company (AKA John Deere).

So how does Lucas Cetane Power Booster affect these three areas?

Key Benefits

  • Will increase Cetane values by up to 6 numbers.
  • Tested against unaditized fuel in ASTM D975 at an independent lab and reduced the wear scar by over 27%, conforming to ASTM D975 limits.
  • Contains a keep-clean dose of diesel fuel detergent that keep carbon deposits from forming on injectors and with regular use will clean dirty injectors.  In recent years with the advent of ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and high-pressure common rail diesel injection, internal injector deposits have also become an issue.  Regular use of Lucas Cetane Booster will also prevent this new form of deposit.


  • #11031 - 16 Ounce (Case of 12) - 12.5lbs
  • #11032 - 64 Ounce (Case of 6) - 24.3lbs


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