Extreme Duty Marine SAE 20W-50 Engine Oil

Lucas Oil Products, Inc.

Extreme Duty Marine Engine Oil SAE 20W-50

Lucas Extreme Duty Marine SAE 20W-50 Engine Oil is designed for use in high performance boats requiring the ultimate protection.

Lucas Extreme Duty Marine SAE 20W-50 Engine Oil is manufactured with the highest quality paraffinic base oils and is fortified with an exclusive additive package containing high levels of Zinc, Moly and Phosphorus that provides a tougher, thicker additive film for maximum protection even under the most severe conditions. It lowers oil temperatures, extends oil life and minimizes metal fatigue.

Lucas Marine SAE 20W-50 improves the film strength between the cylinder  wall and piston rings and slows oil burning while improving pressure levels in worn engines. It has good cold temperature properties and stands up to high operating temperatures. This product is compatible with methanol and all racing fuels.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent for use with supercharged, turbo charged or nitrous oxide high performance engine
  • Safely blends and is compatible with synthetic and non-synthetic oils
  • Petroleum and semi-synthetic SAE 20W-50 grades
  • Contains effective anti-wear agents, detergents, Lucas unique additive chemistry and friction modifiers (molybdenum) to provide the ultimate performance
  • Proven performance in marine applications
  • Compatible with methanol and all racing fuels
  • Zinc and phosphorous chemistry provides excellent boundary lubrication at start up (contains 0.31% zinc)
  • Conventional grade is factory fill for ILMOR high performance engines


  • #10653 - 1 Quart (Case of 6) - 13 lbs
  • #10810 - 5 Quart (Case of 3) - 31 lbs
  • #10665 - 5 Gallon Pail (1 Pail) - 40 lbs
  • #10666 - 55 Gallon Drum (1 Drum) - 440 lbs


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Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
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John Lindley is happy about his Mercedes Benz with Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak

I own a 2000 Mercedes S500 sedan.  About 3 months ago, its powering steering pump made loud squeaking sound and my MB mechanic told me the hose leaks after checking it out.  Rather than replacing the power steering unit which could easily cost me more than a $1000, he gave me a 1-liter bottle of the German Febi power steering fluid to periodically add it to the reservoir.  After a few weeks, it didn't stop the slow leak, so I switched to 4 different U.S. brands of steering fluids, tried a little bit of each, and still the slow leak continued.  Then about 3 weeks ago, I read about the Lucas stop leak and bought a 32-oz. container of your stuff.  The first things I notice about the Lucas fluid is, (a) it's thick and gluish; (b) the pointed tip of the Lucas container is very convenient to pour, unlike the other brands which I have to use a funnel.  I started adding the Lucas fluid into the reservoir a few squirts at a time, daily for about a week, making sure not overfilling it, checking the dipstick twice each time.  Then I stopped adding the fluid for one week, but continued checking the fluid level.  Lo and behold, the leak stopped!  And I still have about 3/4 of the Lucas bottle left.  The steering works fine now and I continue to enjoy the smoothness and prestige of the Mercedes S500 luxury sedan.  Thanks, Lucas, you've saved me a bundle! 

Happy Guy in San Francisco, CA
John Lindley

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