MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (September  30, 2009) – Two of the Emmons brothers, Gary and Jerry, will make their way to Memphis, Tennessee this weekend for the 22nd Annual O’Reilly Mid-South Nationals.  It was at this event in 2000 that brothers ‘Speedy’ and Terry doubled in Stock and Super Stock, and the other two boys would like nothing more than to repeat that feat this weekend.  The Mid-South Nationals will mark the team’s 4th race within 5 weekends, and any racer knows that there is nothing better than having continuous seat time. 

This past weekend the Emmons team raced the O’Reilly Super Start Batteries Fall Nationals in Ennis, Texas, where brothers Terry, Jerry, and Gary all fielded cars in both Stock and Super Stock.  While Gary collected the SS/IA class championship, Terry, moments later, followed suit in SS/EA with his wheel-standing Lucas Oil backed 1969 Camaro.  Overall the Emmons team left the Texas Motorplex with a quarter-final finish in Stock turned in by Gary after falling to past National Champion David Rampy by seven-thousandths of a second. 

Jerry states, "We had a fantastic time mingling with the friends and fans that came by our Lucas Oil display.” He continues, “It’s great to have the opportunity to hand out decals and educate them on the recent developments within our sponsors’ industries.  There is nothing like the face-to-face interaction that people have at a NHRA Drag Racing event.  We encourage everyone to visit our marketing partners’ websites for an update on their latest products and specials.”

Team PR Manager Katie Johnson adds, "Having been in racing for a number of years now, I have always enjoyed watching the way the Emmons operate.  It is very empowering to see the ‘boys’ manage so many race cars and have the success that they all have.  Furthermore, to see them continuously grow their team says a quite a bit about their commitment to their sponsors and their future in this sport.  I wish them the best of luck in Memphis and hope Jerry and Gary are able to ‘shake things up’ in Memphis.”

To learn more about your favorite Emmons and their racing please visit the Emmons' brother's  official website

To find out more about our marketing partners, please visit their websites below.
Lucas Oil Products, Inc.
Hoosier Racing
Jet-Hot Coatings
Hedman Hedders

Moreover, read along with up-to-the-minute results on Emmons Motorsports at Drag Race Central 

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