Semi Synthetic SAE 10W-40 ATV Engine Oil

Semi Synthetic SAE 10W-40 ATV Engine Oil

Lucas Semi-Synthetic SAE 10W-40 ATV Engine Oil is a long lasting oil that stands up to the high temperatures of slow moving hard-working air cooled engines. It exceeds manufacturer specifications and meets JASO specifications.

Key Benefits

  • Long lasting oil
  • Stands up to high temperatures


  • #10720 - 1 Quart (Case of 6) - 13 lbs
  • #10722 - 5 Gallon Pail (1 Pail) - 40 lbs
  • #10724 - 55 Gallon Drum (1 Drum) - 440 lbs


tds Techincal Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
zinc Zinc Values

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Jesse Now Uses Lucas Products Exclusively On All His Vehicles Thanks to Transmission Fix

I was traveling home from Georgia to Michigan last summer and as I was going through the mountains my Ford Windstar began to leak Transmission fluid out of the case. I pulled in to the closest auto parts retailer and got Lucas  Transmission Fluid and Transmission Fix and we all made it home without a drop being lost. I now use Lucas products exclusively from front to back on both of my vehicles.

Best Regards,
Jesse Struble

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