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Multi-Purpose Parts Cleaner & Degreaser

Lucas Multi-Purpose Parts Cleaner & Degreaser is made with advanced Polyetheramine (PEA) detergents to help clean and degrease carburetors, chokes, brake calipers, rotors, air intakes, throttle bodies, and unpainted metal parts. Lucas Oil’s Parts Cleaner & Degreaser is available in an aerosol can for ease of application, contains no CFCs or solvents, and is 50 state VOC compliant.

Lucas Oil Products new Parts Cleaner & Degreaser with PEA detergents is the perfect multi-purpose automotive cleaner and degreaser for your garage or shop. You can find the product at your favorite auto parts retailer.

Key Benefits

  • Formulated with advanced Polyetheramine (PEA) detergents to clean and degrease carburetors, chokes, brake calipers, rotors, air intakes, throttle bodies and unpainted metal parts
  • Removes any build-up that can cause loss of power, rough idle, high emissions and hard starting
  • Helps remove unwanted deposits such as gum, varnish, oil, brake fluid, grease, dirt and sludge
  • Cleans brakes for better performance and smoother operation
  • Fast drying
  • Will not harm catalytic converters and oxygen sensors
  • Does not contain CFC’s or chlorinated solvents
  • 50 state VOC compliance


  • #11115 - 16 Ounce (Case of 12) - 12.5 lbs


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Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
WARNING WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Jim Douglas uses Lucas Trans Fix in 1992 Ford Explorer

Last week, I was towing a trailer loaded down with my sister's furniture and belongings home from Snowshoe mountain in PA. Well I blew my front seal out in my 1992 Ford Explorer's tranny. I was about 480 miles from home and couldn't get serviced from any local tranny service shops so I tried your Transmission Fix and to make the long story short, I was able to drive all the way home still loaded down and it has completely fixed my seal. It is still not leaking!!!!! I have not stopped telling EVERYBODY about your products. I have never endorsed a company so well but,you guys deserve that and more!!

Jim Douglas

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