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Sure Start Premium Starting Fluid

Sure Start Premium Starting Fluid for gasoline or diesel engines.

A 50% Ether blend, more than the leading national brand

Key Benefits

    • Helps start stubborn engines fast in cold weather
    • Saves batteries
    • Contains upper cylinder lubricant
    • Performs to -65° F
    • For use in passenger cars, diesel engines, lawn mowers, chainsaws, outboard motors and fractional horsepower engines
    • Complies with federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines


      • #11238 - 10.7 Ounce (Case of 12) - 11.5 lbs


Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

Damn good product!

My check engine light came on and I pulled a P0420 cat. converter code that was bank 1 intermittent. I wanted to try a treatment before replacing the cat. so I bought a treatment specifically made for catalytic converters and added it to my fuel following the instructions. My check engine light came back on and stayed on after emptying and refilling the tank. Ten days after the re-fill I was pricing the cat. parts to replace and decided it wouldn't hurt to try a treatment one more time. This time I used Lucas fuel injector treatment and added it to my fuel. After about five 20 gal. fill ups and a small bottle of Lucas fuel injector cleaner each time my check engine light has not come back on has stayed off. I'm sold! Damn good product! -Julio Santos Jr.
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