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Super Coolant

Super Coolant A potnetial customer introduced a question about Lucas Oil Product's new Super Coolant.

"I would like to use your "Super Collant" product in my two 41 Willys with straight water. My concern is will the heat transfer tranfer propertries (Specific Heat) be reduced from the straight water value off 1.0. Do you have a Specific Heat value of a Super Coolant/water mix?
If this information is not available please let me know.

Mark Negast, Lucas Oil's Techanical Director had this reply for Bob.

"Here you go. The specific heat capacity of Lucas Super Coolant is 1.00 -- the same as that of water. This is because the product is 100% water-based. And with the wetting performance of the surfactant ingredients in the product, water's optimal specific heat capacity is fully utilized by reducing its surface tension, and allowing it to "absorb" as much heat as possible from the engine's cylinder heads, and transfer it to the external environment via the radiator."

Best Regards,
Mark Negast
Lucas Oil, Inc
Technical Director