Power and Protection

052316 rd race

There’s a reason that professional racers, mechanics and engine builders rely on Lucas Oil for their high-output applications. Actually, there’s TWO reasons - Power and Protection. A recent demonstration by Mike Miller, an engine builder in Southern California, shows the vast difference between using an inexpensive off-the-shelf oil, and using Lucas’ exclusive Synthetic Racing Oil.

Mike’s test engine was a 583 CID Chevrolet block sporting BRODIX SR20 cylinder heads (hooked up to his state-of-the-art dyno and diagnostics station). He started by filling the engine with a standard well-known brand - Chevron conventional 5W-30. At peak output, this combination yielded a decent 1125 horsepower.

Mike then drained the engine and replaced it with Lucas Oil’s Racing 5W-30 Synthetic. The engine was slowly warmed up then throttled to its maximum output. The effect of Lucas’ exclusive high-zinc additive package was quite apparent. The 583 Chevy had GAINED 20 HORSEPOWER, bumping the final tally to 1145!

Mike Miller’s demonstration is just one of MANY that happens on a daily basis, as Lucas Oil continues to prove its effects on both the race track and the street. As you can imagine, Lucas’ special blend of the finest American base oils and its exclusive additive package not only increases horsepower, it also protects engine components from friction, heat and particulate matter better than any other oil on the market.