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Thanks for super great product

I have a C1500 with 430,000 miles on the original motor. I started using Lucas oil treatment [Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer] at 100,000 miles. The motor has no leaks or burns no oil. Thanks for super great product. -Jim R., Marietta, GA

After a mix of Lucas oil stabilizer the truck has great oil pressure, runs like new, and has approximately 420,000 miles on it.

I started using Lucas oil additive in my 2008 GMC 2500HD 6.0. I had heard many issues with sludge in the oil pan and bad oil pressure when cold. I had bought the truck with 160,000 on it which was clearly hard miles. The oil pressure was not the greatest so we flushed the engine using motor flush and then if you can believe it diesel fuel. After I have run regular 10w 40 oil with a 60/40 mix of Lucas Oil Stabilizer and the truck has great oil pressure, runs like new, and has approximately 420,000 miles on it. I haven't done a thing to the motor besides flushing it and using Lucas. Since then I use Lucas in all 15 trucks we have and all 30 pieces of heavy equipment. I think Lucas makes an great product and it is the first I can remember that called my attention to additives through their old display where you crank the wheels and see the difference. -Joseph K., Plymouth, MA

After 1 treatment of this my problems were gone.

I drive a '03 Ram 4.7l V8 which has 298,000 miles on it. It had the notorious morning tick and burned oil. After 1 treatment of this my problems were gone. Great product. -Alton R., Wichita Falls, TX


I have 3 Dodge Grand Caravans. The first was a Clunker and was on it's last legs so I decided to try Lucus oil treatment [Lucas Oil Stabilizer] in it. I started her up and poured the liquid gold into her and instantly it made it so quiet that I thought it had stalled. I drove that car into the ground and still the engine purred like a kitten. My next Grand Caravan I'd thought I would experiment with it and NOT put any oil at all in it because I had nothing to loose. If she blows up on me...well she blows up, I don't care. I wanted to see how far I could take this experiment....I put about half a bottle of the miracle fluid into her and BAM...the leaks were gone....She ran real smooth. Now this is the part where people don't believe me but I drove that car for 6 more YEARS without a drop of oil in it!!! The dip stick read that not a drop of oil was in it! I'd tell my friends and then would show them. They couldn't believe it. When I got my third Caravan I drove the old Lucus one to the Junk Yard and it still sounded like a new motor!!! Six years without a drop of oil...all I did was every 3 to 4 months I put in about half a bottle of Lucus.....My new Caravan has Synthetic oil and the recommended amount of Lucus in it ... I SWEAR BY THIS STUFF...thanks for listening to my story.... -Rob A. Moncton New Brunswick, Canada

Lucas keeps engines alive.

I have owned my 2003 Nissan Altima 3.5SE V6 since it was brand new. 15 years later and 160,000 miles it still runs like new! Like many cars from that era, these engines would burn oil and the timing chain guide tensioners would break over time. Why pay for an expensive overhaul? Lucas Oil Stabilizer has kept this engine going strong, reduced oil consumption and blow-by, restored torque and reduced dry starts while quieting the timing chain. The engine runs quiet, starts smooth and quickly, and runs like a strong champ. I keep jugs of Lucas in my garage with oil too. Lucas keeps engines alive. Thank you for saving my car and family our hard earned money! Lucas rocks! -Joel M., Milton, OH

I believe 100% that your Oil Stabilizer saved my motor...

Wanted to thank you for your products. I'm an Uber driver and a few months ago I was driving and got a ping for a pick up. On my way to pick up my passenger my drain plug had vibrated out and lost all my oil. I picked up my passenger took them through the Taco Bell drive though and back to the drop off spot. I drove about 13 miles and ran my car for about 45 minutes with no oil. I believe 100% that your oil stabilizer saved my motor that had over 230,000 miles on it. I have driven almost 5,000 miles since this incident and my motor has no knock, no ping and no issues. Thank you. -Jerry S., Holt, MI

It's still going strong with Lucas Oil Stabilizer.

I have a Tecumseh snowblower engine 7 horsepower and it started knocking 2 Winters ago so I put straight Lucas [Oil Stabilizer] in it twice and it definitely helped it. I am very pleased with Lucas motor oil products especially your detergent grade. My snowblower no longer knocks as I put half Lucas [Oil Stabilizer] in it and half Lucas motor oil. Thank you Lucas. It's still going strong with Lucas Oil Stabilizer. -Matthew C.

Hoping to get a million miles out of this truck.

My 2005 F250 with the 5.4L 3V went 366K miles before I was forced to change out all of the timing components. I believe this was because of the fact that after the initial break-in of 10K mikes I changed over to a non-synthetic 5-30w oil and used Lucas HD Oil Stabilizer at every change (5k miles). You see a lot of people having problems at 130K to 180K having the phaser problems but mine never did. The chains were stretched and the lash adjusters were weak, as well as a bad cam follower, but it still ran good enough to go the 366k. Hoping to get a million miles out of this truck. -John S.


I would like to start letting you know what I think of your great oils etc. I bought a 2000 NISSAN PATROL 4.2 TURBO DIESEL with 160.000 klm’s on the clock back in 2005, soon as I got it, I am using your product called HEAVY DUTY OIL STABILIZER, mixing 1 litre to 9 litres of diesel oil. I change the oil and additive every 15.000 klm’s. The motor had done 518.000 klm’s when I decided to drop the sump and put a new set of mains and big end shells in her. WHEN I ROLLED THEM OUT, to my surprise, THEY WERE LIKE NEW, I could have put them back, BUT, I REPLACED THEM ANY Way with genuine Nissan parts. The motor has done 618.000 klm’s since and is still not using water OR OIL PERIOD. I have being using your product’s for well over 15 years plus, even when racing speedway. What I would like to say, is that I WILL NOT USE ANY OTHER BRAND BUT YOURS FULL STOP, and am always telling my mates about your great oils etc. I am 74 young and still do all my own mechanical work, up to this day. Please believe me on this matter, as it is a GENUINE STORY (no bull), and I will continue using you GREAT PRODUCTS to the end. I would like to close now by saying congratulations on such a GREAT product. I expect to get well over 800.000 klm’s out of my motor thanks to your great oils. I felt I had to let the head office know, direct, so that you would get my GENUINE feed back. Many many thanks again, your loyal customer in down under Australia. -Len W.

Thanks for an amazing product I use it in every motor...

I bought my truck a 2001 International Eagle in ’06 with 546,000 miles on it. I have been running Lucus Oil additive in it now with 1,560955 miles on it. Its only had crank bearings and injectors and it still is getting 6.1 miles to the gallon with plenty of power but I just developed a head gasket leak so now it’s rebuild time. The new motor will roll with Lucus in the crank case. Thanks for an amazing product I use it in every motor even my 2014 Harley. Sincerely Harold G. owner operator Tampa, FL.

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