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Your Stabilizer Saved My Engine

Just wanted to share my Lucas Oil Stabilizer story change my oil the other day I drove 20 miles not realizing my oil filter was leaking when I got home and found out my dipstick showed empty your stabilizer saved my engine on my 2017 Hyundai Santa fe sport I have been using your products for years but now I found out first hand how good they are thanks Lucas. - Tony, Midland, PA

The best oil product I've seen in my 58 years of mowing lawns

Hmm only 5 Stars?!? Two summers ago, I accidentally overfilled my 19.5 HP BS John Deere mower. It smoked like crazy, so I stopped it, took it to my mower man. He said it had fouled the plug and he cleaned it up as good as he could, it may run 5 mins, 5 weeks, who knows. It still smoked till the end of the summer, however I started using the Lucas HD oil stabilizer and it's been doing nothing but improving. Its now 2021 June 17 and it no longer smokes. The best oil product I've seen in my 58 years of mowing lawns!! I add it to my 2000Ford Ranger, 159000 miles and it runs like new!! You cant give this product enough stars!! -Thomas G., Florence, AL

Great product!!!

I have a 2020 toyota camry and went to my dealer for 1st 5000 mile check up. It was down 2 quarts!!!! Service Manager said to top off with 2 quarts of HD OIlStabilizer, which I did. No oil change as way too early anyway. It ran excellent. I returned for next 5 k tire rotation and oil was exact level. NO loss at ALL. He said even for new engines it is fine to add up to 2 + quarts of the OIl Stabilizer. I went just bought at gallon at Autozone!!!! Again, Thanks for making a great product. I've turned all my friends on to it. NO more oil loss!! -John Meadiris, Marietta, GA

I Highly Recommend Your Product To Everyone

I bought a 96 3500 Dodge RamVan with a 360 5.9 V8 19 years ago with 88k for miles, I've been putting 1 bottle of Lucas Oil [Stabilizer] in it, every oil change. At 470K (two years ago) I lost coolant somehow and ended up blowing the head gasket. I tore the engine down to fix it, I could not believe my eyes when I saw the cylinder walls when I looked at them!! I COULD STILL SEE THE FACTORY HONE MARKS ON THE CYLINDER WALLS!!! I now have 560k that's...... FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTY THOUSAND MILES!! Not a lifter ping or sound of ANY kind. Thanks Lucas, I highly recommend your product to EVERYONE. -Dean S., Worcester, MA

The Difference to Using Only Oil For The Oil Change is Absolutely Amazing

When I use the 20% Lucas Oil Stabilizer with 3 liters 5W30 in my 2006 Pontiac Vibe the difference to using only oil for the oil change is absolutely amazing. Quieter running engine. Much improved faster pickup with less pushing down the gas pedal. Also stays in Overdrive on uphills easier, and with no effort. This product is the best engine additive I've found in 50 years of driving and working on cars! -Nelson H., Scarborough, Maine

Your Products Are Amazing And I Will Continue To Use Them.

I have been using the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer since I bought my 2006 Ford Ranger FX4 in 2005. I use it to replace 1 quart of oil every oil change since the 1st Oil change. During the winter months here in Northern Michigan, I use 1 quart of the Synthetic Oil Stabilizer in oil changes due to our colder temps here. I also use the Complete Fuel System Cleaner every oil change and sometimes a couple times a month. I put in Transmission Fix every time I change the transmission fluid and filter too. I currently have just under 395,000 miles on my Ranger. I have NOT done Any Internal Engine Work. The motor still runs like New and doesn't use any oil from oil change to the next. Your products are Amazing and I will continue to use them. I also have a 2004 Suzuki Vinson 500 4x4 ATV with 11,000 miles that I use oil stabilizer in too. Still runs great. Go Lucas. -Cliff H., Gaylord, MI

Good work Lucas Oil!!!!

I have 2014 Dodge Charger V6 model..133,22 miles. It has a loud ticking noise, change oil and poured whole bottle of the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. The noise is considerably lower. I'll keep using it to see if the noise goes away. Good work Lucas Oil!!!! -Howard G., Midlothian, TX

Stops Oil Consumption And Valve Noises And Makes Your Car Last For Very Long Time

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is proven to be a Very good product stops oil consumption and valve noises and makes your car last for very long time. I'm using it in my 2007 Toyota 2.4 liter 2azfe engine known to burn oil. Using Lucas Heavy Duty Stabilizer has stopped oil burning with 155k miles engine runs like brand new with Lucas. -Ali S., Elmhurst, NY

If it wasn't for the Lucas being in there it would have froze up for sure!

I maintain a fleet of equipment for a local golf course use Lucas Oil Stabilizer in all of the equipment. One of our spray rigs hit a tree stump and cracked the oil pan in half. The operator didn't realize how bad it was leaking and drove it 1/4 mile back to the shop! I pulled the bottom rotating assembly apart and was totally amazed everything was fine. If it wasn't for the Lucas being in there it would have froze up for sure! I am a true believer in this product as I use it it all my own personal vehicles along with my 850h/p drag car! -Frank S., North Port, FL

We are big fans of your products. Thought you might to hear about this...

I own an '07 Avalon that now has 651K miles. I am a loyal user of the heavy duty oil stabilizer. Car runs good, original engine and transmission. My old camry went 630K before we got the Avalon. We are big fans of your products. Thought you might to hear about this... -Linda M.

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