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The Difference to Using Only Oil For The Oil Change is Absolutely Amazing

When I use the 20% Lucas Oil Stabilizer with 3 liters 5W30 in my 2006 Pontiac Vibe the difference to using only oil for the oil change is absolutely amazing. Quieter running engine. Much improved faster pickup with less pushing down the gas pedal. Also stays in Overdrive on uphills easier, and with no effort. This product is the best engine additive I've found in 50 years of driving and working on cars! -Nelson H., Scarborough, Maine

Your Products Are Amazing And I Will Continue To Use Them.

I have been using the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer since I bought my 2006 Ford Ranger FX4 in 2005. I use it to replace 1 quart of oil every oil change since the 1st Oil change. During the winter months here in Northern Michigan, I use 1 quart of the Synthetic Oil Stabilizer in oil changes due to our colder temps here. I also use the Complete Fuel System Cleaner every oil change and sometimes a couple times a month. I put in Transmission Fix every time I change the transmission fluid and filter too. I currently have just under 395,000 miles on my Ranger. I have NOT done Any Internal Engine Work. The motor still runs like New and doesn't use any oil from oil change to the next. Your products are Amazing and I will continue to use them. I also have a 2004 Suzuki Vinson 500 4x4 ATV with 11,000 miles that I use oil stabilizer in too. Still runs great. Go Lucas. -Cliff H., Gaylord, MI

Good work Lucas Oil!!!!

I have 2014 Dodge Charger V6 model..133,22 miles. It has a loud ticking noise, change oil and poured whole bottle of the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. The noise is considerably lower. I'll keep using it to see if the noise goes away. Good work Lucas Oil!!!! -Howard G., Midlothian, TX

Stops Oil Consumption And Valve Noises And Makes Your Car Last For Very Long Time

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is proven to be a Very good product stops oil consumption and valve noises and makes your car last for very long time. I'm using it in my 2007 Toyota 2.4 liter 2azfe engine known to burn oil. Using Lucas Heavy Duty Stabilizer has stopped oil burning with 155k miles engine runs like brand new with Lucas. -Ali S., Elmhurst, NY

If it wasn't for the Lucas being in there it would have froze up for sure!

I maintain a fleet of equipment for a local golf course use Lucas Oil Stabilizer in all of the equipment. One of our spray rigs hit a tree stump and cracked the oil pan in half. The operator didn't realize how bad it was leaking and drove it 1/4 mile back to the shop! I pulled the bottom rotating assembly apart and was totally amazed everything was fine. If it wasn't for the Lucas being in there it would have froze up for sure! I am a true believer in this product as I use it it all my own personal vehicles along with my 850h/p drag car! -Frank S., North Port, FL

We are big fans of your products. Thought you might to hear about this...

I own an '07 Avalon that now has 651K miles. I am a loyal user of the heavy duty oil stabilizer. Car runs good, original engine and transmission. My old camry went 630K before we got the Avalon. We are big fans of your products. Thought you might to hear about this... -Linda M.

After about 30 miles, the noise stopped.

I have a 2008 GMC Yukon with the 5.3 liter V-8. The vehicle just hit 200,000 miles. I recently drove from Indianapolis to Cincinnati. About 10 miles from my destination, my dashboard lit up, and I had a horrible clacking sound coming from the left side of the engine. I immediately took it to a Firestone and they said it was probably a stuck lifter, but would need to have the heads pulled to see what was going on. They said it "should be ok" to drive home, but couldn't make any promises. I put a quart of Lucas Oil Stabilizer in and started heading for home. After about 30 miles, the noise stopped. The next day, my check engine light went off. I will continue to add this product every time I change my oil. -Chip C., Indianapolis, IN

The only explanation I have is the Lucas oil that coated the inside of the motor kept it protected...

I have been a long time user of Lucas Oil [Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer]. I put a quart in with every oil change. I was going home from work when my oil light came on. I pulled into the nearest store and purchased 2 quarts of regular motor oil and put it in my car. It brought the oil level up to about 1/2 quart below full. I drove home and parked the car. When I got up the next morning I checked the oil level and there was no oil on the dip stick. I discovered that the oil pressure sensor had gone out and allowed all the oil to be pumped out of the car. I drive 50 miles one way every day and have no idea how long my car was drove without oil in it. I feared the worst and thought when I filled the car with oil and started it that it would be knocking or pouring white smoke. To my surprise when I filled the car with oil and started it up it ran smooth and as clean as ever. The only explanation I have is the Lucas oil that coated the inside of the motor kept it protected until I could get home, saving my motor in the process. For that I am forever grateful and will always use Lucas oil. -James M., Hortense, GA

I had driven about 8 miles with no oil. I believe Lucas's saved my engine.

I changed my oil and filter in my 1996 Dodge Dakota. I had used a Fram oil filter before and when I removed it, the gasket stayed on the block and I didn't catch it. I put the new filter on and put my oil and Lucas's Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer in and went for a drive to run some errands. As usual I had my radio turned up pretty loud and wasn't paying much attention to the dash. I happen to glance down and see a "check gauges" light on. My oil pressure gauge was acting stupid. I turned down my radio to hear God awful rattling. I turned around and headed to the nearest auto parts. Oil was gone. Took the filter off and found my mistake. Upon backtracking I found that I had driven about 8 miles with no oil. I believe Lucas's saved my engine. No smoking or oil consumption after the event either... -D Taylor, Camden, AR

Lucas protected my motor for 7 miles without any oil.

My wife was driving my work car a 1998 Buick that had about 145,000 miles. I started using Lucas Oil Stabilizer in it around 75,000 miles at every oil change. So my wife calls me and leaves a voice mail that an oil light has come on the dash and there’s no oil pressure. I was inside at work at the time so this call went straight to voice mail about 15 minutes later I called her back she was already home from her parents house which is about 7 miles away. By this time I’m thinking the motor is junk. Long story short I get home from work that evening pop the hood and check the oil dip stick and nothing is on it so I add oil to try and see what’s leaking and what kind of noises I’ve got. I added a couple of quarts and start the engine thinking it’s going to make every noise possible. Nothing no noise but a very heavy leak from the oil sending unit. I order the part the next day, installed it filled with new oil and the car is still on the road today. That’s been 2 years ago. I’m a believer of your products this car didn’t have the any oil in it but the Lucas protected my motor for 7 miles without any oil, unbelievable. Thanks -Shannon H., Olive Hill, KY

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