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I was amazed at the condition of the camshafts and rod bearings...

Before I tried your 30wt break in oil, over the last 30 years of racing high rpm Vw,s 8-10.000 I've lost many flat tappet camshafts. I just built 2 more high perf engines used your 30wt break in oil after about 40 passes took engines apart and was amazed at the condition of the camshafts and rod bearings I never saw it like this ever!!! I could sell this product and already got some buyers of some of your other products. -Whitey

Steve Brule from Westech Performance describes his positive experience testing Lucas High Zinc Engine Break-In Oil

After having used and tested Lucas Oil Products for the last Six years, with excellent results, when Lucas introduced their new Engine Break in Oil we where anxious to try it. We were especially hoping it would offer some insurance for flat tappet camshaft break in. After adding Lucas Break in Oil and Break in Additive to our existing Lucas inventory I’m happy to say we  have not had any camshaft failures. With the added protection and power  of Lucas products I’m confident we have given our customers the best.Steve Brule'Director of Technical Service'sWestech Performance This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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