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Kevin McDonald uses Lucas Liquid Polish on 1988 Jeep Wrangler

Detailing cars is a hobby for me, I enjoy the satisfaction that you get when that car just says" Wow". Ive used some good waxes and sealents in my past. I used to like Mothers wax and some meguirs. I resently found Lucas Liquid Polish on sale at PepBoys when i was picking up some Lucas fuel Treament and saw the polish, So iIbought it knowing that ive had such a success with the Treatment. So it has been sitting in my jeep, waiting for me to wash it. So to day I did, I wanted to see if it was better then Meguirs #26 hi tec yellow wax which is my fav, and the lucas produced a much better shine and was much easier to do. I now call this stuff "The polish of the Gods". Thanks Lucas

Anthony Imperat uses Lucas Metal Polish in Henry Big Boy Rifles

We use and highly recommend Lucas Metal Polish on our Henry Big Boy rifles to keep the brass receivers shiny. Anthony Imperato, President, Henry Repeating Arms


Ben uses Lucas Liquid Polish in 1998 Lincoln Continental

This Liquid polish I got from my uncle is incredible! I've used many different brands of wax; and they're not even close to being as good as your product. I couldn't be happier with the results- the car looks amazing. People ask me, "what the hell do you use to clean your car?! It looks amazing!"... I just say 'LUCAS' is amazing. Keep up the great work guys!

Casey Franca uses Lucas Liquid Polish in 2005 Roush Edition Ford Focus ZX5

Since I purchased my Focus in July 2005, i've spent a small fortune on waxes and polishes looking for that one product that gave me the results I wanted combined with ease of use. I finally found it with your Liquid Polish. You guys are in a whole new league compared to those other guys (Meguires, Mothers, etc.). I've gone from taking about an hour just waxing my car to being able to wash, claybar (if necessary), and use your polish to shine her up and buff her in 30-40 mins. And best of all, it didn't feel like my arm was going to fall out of the socket afterwards like with those other waxes. Forget Mr. Myagi and his "Wax on, wax off", give me a wipe on, wipe off instead. I sincerely hope you folks are going to eventually get this product out into the marketplace, because when what I have runs out, I'm going to need to know that I can get some more at the Pep Boys around the corner. Heck, i'm already telling family members and a few close friends to keep an eye out for it in the stores! Feel free to use this testimonial any way you wish. I am that confident and happy with you guys.


Alan Libbey uses Lucas Liquid Polish on 1998 Honda Accord EX

Nice job on the car wax!! I have been using Zaino Bros. which is really good, but recently tried yours and it works awesome!! Very easy to put on and take off! also good protection from the sun and acid rain!!! Really nice shine!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

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