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Thank you for the great product. -James White

500,000+ miles on 2 different trucks. Always used lucas in my oil. My dad started with his 93 dodge Cummins that i eventually took over, sold that truck with 511,000+ miles and it still ran like new. I still run it in my 99 f350 with over 500,000 miles on it, and it too still runs like a champ. My dad was one to buy a gallon of lucas every oil change because he couldn't find the bottle from the last time he changed it. When he passed away in 2009 i found over a dozen gallon jugs in his garage all over half full. Ive been using that left over since then and just today 7.5 years later used the last bit on my newly purchase excursion diesel that i hope to get just as much life out of.

Gary found Lucas Oil 5W-30 increased oil pressure & MPG while smoothing out and quiting the engine idle on his 97 Camaro

Hey Lucas team! I wanted to say that i've been using your oil additive for several years in my 89 chevy 1500 and I used it once in my 97 camaro, well it made that truck run like new, but I couldn't tell a difference in my camaro wich has145k miles on it, it's a 1997 Z28, so a few days ao I changed my oil and this time I used your 5w-30 motor oil by itself and I got it on sale with a filter for 20$ at autozone, it was too good to be true, well the second I started the car after the change, and the oil pressure caught up, my engine got quiet and the idle smoothed out instanly, I'm amazed at how much smoother it drives now I'm never going to change oils again, it's getting better mpg's, and just runs so much better! Thanks! Next I'm going to try your transmission additive and I know you won't let me down, I've also used the injecor cleaner and it works like a charm. Lucas is #1


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