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Using less than 6 ounces and now have zero leaks!

I noticed power steering leak under my lexus ls400. I purchased Lucas power steering stop leak after researching on line. Using less than 6 ounces and now have zero leaks! Wow I was very impressed. Thank you very much Lucas Oil Co. -Ronald

Lucas Stop Leak will do more than words--Terrific Product!

Never fall in love with a car! I fell in love with my Lexus 1997 SC400, a car with the quietest of cabins. Even after 236,000 miles over the road, the drivability remains unchanged except for a power steering unit that was starting to sound like a trash truck. My quiet was disturbed...enter Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak. While discovering from my mechanic that a new unit would be a $1000 dollar proposition, I decided that the $10.99 purchase of the Lucas Stop Leak was a reasonable alternative. I was a tad skeptical in that there was no leakage evident on the floor of my garage. However, noxious sounds there were. Voila, with the introduction of Stop Leak, from lock to lock just two times and the noise disappeared like Casper The Ghost and has yet to return two weeks after the fact. For me, it is seldom that automotive products live up to their hype. Well, Lucas Stop Leak will do more than words--Terrific Product!

David Girard in Frederick MD says, "Thanks for a fantastic product!"

Just wanted to tell you I recently added Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak to my 2001 Chevy Venture V6 3.4L eng w/ 152,000 miles and I must report that my steering system has got new life again!! Thanks for a fantastic product! I was told by a mechanic that I would need to replace the rack and pinion unit because of its issues ( you guys sure fooled him). I will be trying your Engine Oil stop Leak soon to cure my so-called " oil leak" ? Keep up your great work!!

All I can say is WOW! I am truly impressed ladies and gentleman.

Well I always heard the hype about Lucas products but have never been one to drink the snake oil if you will. I've now used the power steering leak stop, complete fuel system cleaner and the transmission fix in both my vehicles. All I can say is WOW! I am truly impressed ladies and gentleman. Mostly with the transmission fix. On my 1990 Lifted Bronco I was told by a reputable trans shop here in South East Florida that I needed a new torque converter due to it having what I can only explain as feeling lumpy in overdrive. I put half the recommended amount in my 1990 Bronco just to see what would happen. Also so I didn't over fill it. The Bronco is back on par 110%. Shifts smoother and sooner like it should and better than it ever did. It literally took 5 minutes of driving for the systems to stop. Mind you I did all this 15000 miles ago. The transmission is still running perfect. Even when crawling on rocks. Pure magic in a bottle. -Russ Pfohl - Hollywood, FL

Works fantastic!

I have a 1995 Carrera 4. Two years ago she developed a nasty power steering leak at the rack. All advice I received from owners was to replace rack. Not rebuild, but replace. Contrary to their great advice I'm going to eventually have rack resealed, but until then I decided to give your PS Stop Leak a try. Works fantastic! Only now do I have to top reservoir off and you can be sure your product will be going in again. -Steven C

Jim Starnes uses Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak in his 1985 chevrolet camaro iroc-z

all i can say is "unbeleivable"! i have been in the automotive parts industry fo 20 years. i work at the parts house in sarasota florida i sell full line acdelco and motorcraft parts. i drive 83 miles back and forth to work everyday. every 2 days my camaro had to have power steering fluid added because it was leaking. finaly one day i took it to one of my customers shops for him to look at. he told me to come see, its leaking everywhere, out of the hose, the front seal, the res., everywhere. it needed a pump and a hose right away. but i couldn't afford it right then. he suggested your power steering sealer.and believe me i'm in the buisness i tried EVERYTHING you name it. but he insisted. so i tried it. amazing! i haven"t put any power steering fluid in it since,my power steering even feels better at the wheel. this car has 254,000 miles on it and is still going.i on this web site because of that product to see if there was anything you have for transmissions fo my 1990 cadillac fleetwood brougham. i have read the testimonials and i'm going to buy it right now. i wish i could sell your product. customers ask for it alot. maybe you can send a rep to us. tph of sarasota. thanx

David Johnson Uses Power Stearing Stop Leak in '83 Chevy Van

I have been driving 18 wheelers the past few years, after Driving Charter Bus for Decades now. I was transferring from Truck to Truck and asked the Fleet manager about a bucket of tools he had taken out of one of his Trucks. In that bucket was a truck size bottle of your Power Steering Stop Leak. He informed me of the cost of the seal replacement and poured in a small portion of this oil of yours in the fluid reservoir. The leak stopped cold turkey! I dumped some in my 1983 Chevy Van power steering fluid reservoir, and ...WaLa! The seal is holding now. I am so THANKFILLED for your SUPER Products! I'm gonna go get some more for the 1978 Ford Van Engine...Too Now! Thank you so much for your OUTSTANDING oil products!

Bob Anderson Uses Power Steering Leak Stop In Old Buick Skylark

I recently purchased and old 82 Buick skylark and it steered like an “old” John Deer Tractor on steel. I took it to the mechanic this morning to schedule replacing the race. Then I stopped and go a twelve oz bottle of Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak. Mine didn’t leak but it had “Hard Spots” that would break free as you turned a corner; almost sending you up over the curb onto the sidewalk. Now, I siphoned the power steering pump dry, and added your product. I started the vehicle, and with God as my witness, the power steering was corrected instantly. I didn’t jerk a few times and get better gradually. It was fixed instantly!!!

John Miller Uses Power Steering Stop Leak in '73 Mustang

I used a bottle of the Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak in my old ’73 Mustang and I must say it sealed up the leak quite well. The power steering feels smoother with less slop as well. The engine is getting a bit tired and I don't know what to do about that. Having seen the Hyper Lube, Motor Honey, and STP oil stabilizers on the auto parts store shelves for years....it makes me wonder, what does Lucas Oil Stabilizer have that these others don't? They seem to all just be polymers/oil viscosity thickeners. Anyway, thanks for a fine power steering additive.

Dallas Ball uses Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak for 93 Grand Am

Your power steering additive totaly eliminated squeal I was having in my 93 grand am. Thank you for a great product and saving me a very costly repair(about $800.00 Canadian).


Dallas Ball

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