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Harry Sisson uses Lucas Semi-Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid for 1994 Olds 88

Dear Lucas Oil,

My son reported that his Olds 88 with 186,000 miles on it had developed a transmission problem: With each start in the morning, the transmission would not engage when moving the selector from Park to Drive. The only way it would engage was to move the selector into L1, and then back into Drive.

We performed the previous filter and partial fluid change 35,000 miles ago, and all was normal at that time. We were both not too hopeful, but thought we would give Lucas a try first, before submitting to over $1300 dollars of rebuilt transmission.

We dropped the transmission pan, inspected for debris, and found none. The fluid was fine, with no discoloration or odor. There was only the normal small amount of black film in the bottom of the pan, but absolutely no metal or synthetic particles. We even disassembled the old filter, and inspected it. Again, all was fine.

So, we installed a new filter, cleaned up the pan, magnet, and re-usable silicone gasket, reinstalled, replaced the seven quarts of fluid, and one bottle of Lucas automatic transmission additive.

To this day, the transmission is working perfectly. We are now eager to see just how many miles this transmission will go, now that we are using the Lucas, and "max-life Dexron III" fluid !!

Harry SissonSheridan, WY

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