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I was most impressed with the Oil Additives and most of all the Octane Boost!

Went to a Lucas Oil Drag Boat race a few years ago as a VIP Guest. Races were Great!! Loved every minute. The VIP tent was also very impressive - Great Food, Drinks and plenty of Promo Items. Normally I just put these promo bags from different events in the dumpster, but this time I didn't and I'm glad I kept them. Waxes and interior protectant is Top Shelf. But I was most impressed with the Oil Additives and most of all the Octane Boost! I'm running a LS1 in our Pontoon and a LS3 in the Vette. Lucia Octane Boost is part of both fuel systems every refueling!!! They both run superb and no increase in engine temp like burning other Racing Fuels. The F350 that tows the boat uses only Lucas C5 5W40 Diesel Oil. The Oil is so clean after 6K miles, I felt obligated to at least change the oil filter. Now on 12K miles and still so clean that I have to triple dip the stick just to confirm the oil level. Oil Pressure has not dropped below 60psi since oil change. Can't say enough about LUCAS OIL!! -Terry Y., Golden Valley, AZ

It ran stronger with your octane booster. Good job Lucas!

I had been mixing 87 octane with 92 octane in my 30 foot 454 Chevy powered motorhome when towing the Jeep Wrangler. I tried your octane booster this last 300 mile trip over and back across the Continental Divide. It normally cuts the fuel mileage by 1.5 mpg when towing the Jeep. Amazingly my mileage was only down .65 mpg. The mileage was unaffected by mixing octanes-although it ran stronger as it did with your octane booster. Good job Lucas! The octane boosters I have tried in the past have had little if any improvement in mileage or power. The booster is far more economical than premium fuel! -Gregg J., Lakeside, MT

The difference is like night and day! What a difference!

I have a 2018 GMC Sierra with a 6.2L EcoTec 3 L86 motor. I tried many types of less expensive octane boosters until I found Lucas Oil Octane Booster. The difference is like night and day! What a difference! I'm hooked for life! -Chris K., Sacramento, CA

Boy did I notice a difference in performance.

I have a 2008 Mazda RX-8 that takes only premium fuel, and I premix because she has a rotary engine. Recently my state had issues getting fuel due to hurricane Irma. I had to get the car to a safe place but the tank was near empty. I got lucky and found a gas station with fuel but only regular unleaded. I calculated the amount of fuel to fill and sent my daughter down the street to the parts store for octane booster. When she returned I added about half the bottle. I haven't ever used it before and didn't want to add too much. We got the car to safety and boy did I notice a difference in performance. I will be carrying a couple bottles with me from now on, in case of emergency situations. I cant take the chance of having to run her on low octane fuel again. -Wendi J.

I tried Lucas Octane Booster using half a bottle with 91 octane and no more ping!

I was using Race Gas @ $36 a quart per tank in my 69 Firebird RAIII. With 11 to 1 compression because it would ping with pump gas. My only other option was mixing 110 octane fuel, but at $8.75 a gallon that was also an expensive option. I tried Lucas Octane Booster using half a bottle with 91 octane and no more ping! My gas mileage has gone from 11.2 MPG to 12.6 MPG, which may not seem like much, but think about it, thats over 10% increase. I was so pleased with it that I tried it in my 2016 Subaru WRX using 87 octane fuel and half a bottle of booster, and it runs great! Switching from 91 octane premium fuel saves me $10 per tank! I just bought a case of Octane Booster and at the case price my cost is less than $3.50 per tank on both cars. Sometimes when traveling in my WRX premium fuel isn't always available, but no problem now since I keep a plentiful supply in both cars. -Bill W.

Octane Booster Adds 3-6 MPG to Lauri's Flex Fuel

"I have been using Lucas for 8 years. I am so in love with the octane booster. I have a 2003 Ranger that is flex fuel. I get an average of 18-20mpg with regular unleaded gas. When I go further than 100 miles I like to stop less, and the booster gives me an extra 3-6 mpg. I have done 423 miles on a single full tank with the booster and I still have gas left in my tank. I am so happy this product is available everywhere, I would be dead without it. Thank you Lucas Oil, you save me money and time with this product!!!!!" -Lauri from Sweet Springs, MO

Dean Halsey uses Octane Booster during Mud Race

I talked to you at the Missouri state fair about your octane booster. You gave me a free bottle of your booster. I ran it for the rest of the season in my mud truck and i could actually tell an improvement. I was able to advance the timing more then i could with any other booster. This improved my pass times and all around truck performance. I truly feel this is the best octane booster on the market. I have told most of the people i run with in the stock class about your product. This is a link to YouTube of one of my runs this is a first place run and I went 6.36 seconds in 200 feet of mud. I will be running your product and spreading the best word of your product.

Doug H. used to Lucas Octane Booster to help his Corvette pass Emissions Screening

November 22 2011

I would like to say a big thank you to Lucas Oil Products. My name is Doug Hunter and I live in Wasaga Beach On.

This was the year that I had my Corvette e-tested. Unfortunately it did not pass. I was distort as you can imagine since I had only put about 1,000 KM on my car this year.I came home and checked some things out, like my filter and other minor items. Then I remembered that I had won some Lucas Octane Booster from Mike Maguire who was at \Beach Cruise\ the Wasaga Beach Corvette Show with his Pace Car, so I decided to add it to my gas.

I took it for a drive and a few days later I was able to get it in for another test and it passed! Lucas Oil Products just saved me over $450 as it could have cost me that much just for them to check and see what was the matter.

Thank you Lucas Oil and I have already told a lot of people about your great products.

Doug & Mary HunterWasaga Beach Ontario

Jared runs Lucas Octane Booster with Every Fill Up

Just wanted let you guys know how good your octane boost product is. I've tryed many others on the market such as s.t.p. And super 104. Yours is the only one that actually stopped my car from pinging. I buy your stuff by the case. Just thought I'd let you guys know how good your product is. I run it in every tankful of premium gas.


Jared dyer

Mike Jackson uses Lucas Octane Booster in his

The only word that discribes the Lucas products is mindblowing. About two years ago my wife's 2000 neon developed a knock when cold starting. I was working at a local auto parts. A coworker suggested your oil stablizer, BINGO!! the knock all but disapeared to a very light tapping. Thus her car is still going. On my 89 GTI 3 weeks ago the oil cooler seal gave up and the car was driven almost a mile. No oil showed on the dipstick (not a good thing.The tapppets started making a god awfull noise from the top side of the enging and the oil buzzer and light came on to alert me. After repairs and oil put back in the crankcase hoping for the best. A few of the tappets sounded bad to the point of a miss. I drained a quart of oil and added a bottle of the oil stabilizer. After all parts lubed up, the bad tapping went away, and the engine still runs without missing a beat and no smoking. Third, I've tried adout six octaine boosters to get the results I wanted with no real success or minor results. So, Just for grins I tried a bottle of the octane booster, and put about a 1/4 of a bottle in on a half a tank of gas. After driving around abit, the throttle started to get sensitive and I had to let up on the pedal, acceleration picked up. On a 10:1 comppression engine, octane is important to compresion. THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!!! NOW, it runs like a true vw 16 valve 1.8 . Keep up the real products and our autos will stay alive.

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