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Evan Knoll/Torco racing fuels inc. uses Lucas 70WT Plus Racing Oil in TF Dragster's/NITRO Funny car's, TAD dragster's and others.

Lucas oil has never let us down we had used other oils BUT NOTHING PROTECTS LIKE LUCAS OIL products. The additives and rear end gear oil's along with there other lines of oil and additived's are the best. Thats why I choose LUCAS for all my company cars and trucks and semi's. Thank you Evan Knoll/ President/Owner Torco racing fuels. Lucas #1 in oils period!!!!

Bill Kuhlmann uses Lucas 70WT Plus Racing Oil for Pro Mod Supercharger

Dear Mr. Lucas

Thanks for the opportunity of testing your racing oil in my supercharged pro mod engine.

After a week long dyno test session at the Fontana facility in Gardena, CA I have confirmed results to report. Your 70 weight racing oil not only did a better job of protecting my engine, but in back to back tests made more power than any of your competitors 50 weight that we tested. We actually made our highest power numbers with your thicker viscocity oil. I was very surprised and pleased.

With all of the false claims about what motor oils can do, you have a great product that actually does what you said it would do.




Bill Kuhlmann Bill Kuhlmann Racing Wentzville, Missouri

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