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We’ve won 1st place at shows because of how slick they look

We have 4 daily drivers (2 are over 20 years old), and a Mustang, Hellcat and 1970 restored VW Bug that are show cars. We’ve won 1st place at shows because of how “slick” they look. We only use Lucas Speed Wax Mist. The paint in every vehicle looks brand new! We would advertise for you if you had hats and shirts!!! Love all your products!! -Beth S., Mocksville, NC

The shine you see is all Slick Mist.

I painted my truck with cheap flat black spray paint. I won some Lucas Oil Slick Mist at a car show. After using it, people constantly ask me what I used for a clear coat. The shine you see is all Slick Mist. - Tom G., Leipsic, WI

Best Product I Found

Been using Lucas Slick Mist Speed Wax for years now. Best product I found to give me motorcycles the best quick clean and paint protection!!! -Jon G., Orefield, PA

My absolute favorite is the Lucas Slick Mist

I was raised in Orange but have lived in Corona since 2003. I retired in 2012 from a Law Enforcement career and as a gift to myself bought a 69 Camaro (I too was born in 1969). I have used several of your products over the years but my absolute favorite is the Lucas Slick Mist-for several months during the pandemic I could not get my hands on any. Even tried Amazon but they would not ship to me. I called your Corporate Headquarters since your local to me but you do not have a retail space. I have finally gotten some and couldn't be happier! -Jill A. Corona, CA

The interior detailer is the best I've used in 40 years

Wow the interior detailer is the best I've used in 40 years. Other big name products could not hold a match to the shine on my black interior on my 2013 Avalon. Other products seem to leave a fog or film that would not bring out the dark richness of my interior. Been a fan for decades of gas additive. Just tried low viscosity oil additive same car 0--w20. Will see if it helps. Also used power steering seal in past. Lucas is the best. -John R. Las Vegas, NV

I swear the result is better than a car wash

I discovered a few years ago that I can get one of the best car washes - essentially free - if I use rain water. Each time it rains, the slightly acid rain water cuts through all of the dirt, dust and road stuff, but if left to dry, it could, and usually does leave some spots. After the rain stops and before the rain drops dry I wipe the car down with Lucas' Slick Mist using a Microfiber Towel. No soap and no city water, just the residual rain water that is left after a good rain. I swear the result is better than a car wash. No soap scum. The instant wax does a great job. -Joe P.

Nothing Compares!

Last week I went to Walmart in my town doing some regular shopping. On my list was Lucas Oil Speed Mist [Slick Mist Speed Wax] because that is what I have used on my 2019 Tacoma since I bought it and the 2017 Ram 1500 I had prior. Big surprise... they were sold out. The local auto parts stores were sold out as well. I SETTLED (emphasis on settled) for Rustoleum Instant Detailer. Pardon my language but it SUCKS. I am impatiently waiting for our stores to get Lucas Oil Speed Mist back in stock lol. Your product provides a very nice sheen and ultra smooth finish that I look for when putting some shine on the ole Tacoma. In conclusion... I love the product and after trying another brand... nothing compares! We also use it on our dirt Late Model race car! Thanks for the quality of your product and know that it is THE BEST on the market! -Greg C.

The Results Were Fantastic

Finally got a chance to use Slick Mist detail spray today with unseasonably warm weather. It was more than the fact I finished 2 cars in about 10 minutes, but the results were fantastic. I have black Subaru Outback touring and white classic Iroc 1988 cars and it worked equally as well. Glad I found the product. I’ve always taken care of my cars myself, but at 65, I started paying detailing shops, mainly for the black car......maybe not anymore. -Marc R., Phoenix, MD

The quality I see from Lucas outclasses everything else on the market.

I've been using Lucas Oil products since I bought my first car. The quality I see from Lucas outclasses everything else on the market. With Slick Mist, I know my paint is going to outshine every other car in whatever parking lot I'm in. Thank you Lucas for producing such an amazing product. You've got a customer for life! -Dane K., Clarksville, TN

I use the entire line of Slick Mist products.

I use the entire line of Slick Mist products. Every morning, I do a 2-minute wipe down and my SUV looks amazing. The tire spray does not sling and my black leather seats look new after 90,000 miles with the interior Detailer. Shine on dash with no greasy look. Dust does not accumulate. A trick I have is to clean my window inside-and-out with the Spray Wax. No streaks, bugs don’t stick to the glass, and no fogging ever on the inside. -Mark P., Springfield, MO

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