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I Added One Bottle And 10,000 Miles Later Still No Problems

I currently own a 04 Nissan Titan and an 08 Nissan 350z. I've been a Z car enthusiast since I was a kid and at 246.437 miles the titans trans fluid was low and slipping. I added one bottle of stop slip [Lucas Transmission Fix] and gone 10,000 miles later still no problems and it has worked in multiple vehicles. I use the Pure Synthetic Stablizer and run a 0-30w Castrol in the Z it has 104,589 miles and not one problem from her at at and yes I drive the Z the way it likes to be driven hard. I use 0w-30 as per UOA says there is less wear on all internal parts a UOA is a used oil analysis by Black Stone Labratories. Thank you Lucas. -Tim S., Yucaipa, CA

Lucas Transmission Fix did the trick. Your product saved me.

My 2001 Honda Accord just passed inspection after had exhaust work and new rotors put on, when upon driving home my transmission slipped completely. 550.00$ isn't a lot of money but for me it's the difference between having Christmas and not having Christmas.(That's how much the bill was after the inspection.) A new transmission would mean I have to get an auto loan. Which would be very difficult because I'm on half time during the winter due to lack of work. And a new transmission in a 20 year old car is a bad investment. Lucas Transmission Fix did the trick. I ran though all the gears triple checked fluid levels and was relieved to have the car slide into gear. Your product saved me. Thank you. - Robert "Duke" A., Martinsburg, WV

After adding Lucas Transmission Fix it works better than it ever did.

I have a 1999 Chevy Trail Blazer LT and the transmission would shift late and delay it has over 200,000 miles on it and after adding Lucas Transmission Fix it works better than it ever did and the leak between the transmission and transfer case was fixed too. Thanks Lucas for the great product. -Jeno K., Sophia, NC

Almost instantly the shifting issues went away. It’s like driving a new vehicle.

I just wanted to pass my thanks along. I’m a 52 year old husband & father of 3 who has worked in non-profit ministry all of my life. One of the ways I’ve supported my family has been to maintain our fleet of 15-20 year old vehicles. Recently our daily use 1996 Plymouth Grand Caravan developed a transmission leak, so I tried your product hoping it would seal it up. It didn’t work at all and as a matter of fact the leak got worse. Long story short, after several attempts to change out axle seals etc. I learned after taking it to a transmission shop that the internal bearings had failed in such a way that no amount of leak sealer would ever help it. Well we found a one owner 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan on Craigslist for $700 and thought it could get us through the winter. After driving it for a couple weeks we noticed that it too was having some transmission issues. It would shift hard every once in a while from 1st to 2nd and then would lurch at times between gears. Downshifting was an issue as well, lurching between 2nd and 1st. So once again I thought I would try your transmission additive. It’s only been a few days, but the difference has absolutely amazed me. Almost instantly the shifting issues went away. It’s like driving a new vehicle. So, I wanted to thank you for putting out a product that actually does what it says it will do. My circle of “motor heads” is not large, but I will sing your praises whenever I can from this point on. Thanks!! -Paul E.

Now It Doesn't Slip At All.

My transmission was slipping in 1st and 2nd gear and would take a minute to catch first when taking off. Now it doesn't slip at all, still takes a second to catch but not nearly as long. -Richard L., Elkand, MO

After changing the fluid and the filter and adding Lucas, my transmission was renewed

I have a 2007 F150. The transmission was shifting hard. I was told the differential needed work. I had the driveshaft replaced which helped. A mechanic recommended Lucas [Transmission Fix]. He thought the transmission had issues. He didn’t recommend changing the fluid or the filter. After changing the fluid and the filter and adding Lucas, my transmission was renewed. Lucas is amazing. -Johnny W., Elizabethtown, KY

Just amazed at how well your products help.

Just amazed at how well your products help. I have a 2011 F150 and just hit 700,000 miles on it, though I use both your oil stabilizer and transmission additive. I have had engine work done but my transmission is still all original and still going strong at 700,000 miles. Due to my diligence of changing my transmission fluid and filter every 30,000 or 40,000 miles, as well as an oil change every 8,000 or 10,000 miles, just depends on wether the miles are highway or city. Thanks again for a great product line. Sincerely, Loyal P., Gaston, SC

It shifts like new now.

Have a 1954 Hudson with noisy low drive, Lucas [Transmission Fix]stoped it. Big trans so we used two bottles. I also have a 1953 Belair that wouldn’t shift up, only manually. Two bottles of Lucas worked fine. Not sure how it does it but it worked for me and it shifts like new now. -Barry S., Hemel Hempstead, London

I Believe Your Product Saved Me At Least 2 Grand

My daughters 2003 Crown Vic, 190 thousand miles, about a year and a half ago it started miss shifting and shifting very sloppy. Oh #$%! need a trans. My mechanic said try the Lucas Transmission Fix, so we did. Was a little better. The directions said we could add two if needed. Desperate, so we added another. Still seemed to miss second gear, speeding up, and slowing down. It was getting her from point A to point B, so we just put up with it. About a week ago she comes home and says, dad, the trans is fixed. Of-course I said no way, so I drove it. No sh#!, it is shifting perfectly. From a normal start to flooring it, it hits the kick down and smoothly goes through the gears. So, it is fixed. Our mechanic said a full fix after all this time is rare, and we also realize that it could still go out. But for now, I believe your product saved me at least 2 grand. As this is my baby's car, I would have surely bought a trans. It may be strange her being only 22, but she loves that car, and wants nothing to do with newer cars, I lucked out there. I also put some in our other 2 cars as preventive measure. Thank you. -Kevin K., Dearborn, MI

All my rough shifting disappeared after 100 kms. Unbelievable.

I am from France, I have a 02 Ford Windstar I flushed my tranny and put some Lucas Transmission Fix and all my rough shifting disappeared after 100 kms. Unbelievable. -Omar A., Aix-les-Bains, France

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