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Just amazed at how well your products help.

Just amazed at how well your products help. I have a 2011 F150 and just hit 700,000 miles on it, though I use both your oil stabilizer and transmission additive. I have had engine work done but my transmission is still all original and still going strong at 700,000 miles. Due to my diligence of changing my transmission fluid and filter every 30,000 or 40,000 miles, as well as an oil change every 8,000 or 10,000 miles, just depends on wether the miles are highway or city. Thanks again for a great product line. Sincerely, Loyal P., Gaston, SC

It shifts like new now.

Have a 1954 Hudson with noisy low drive, Lucas [Transmission Fix]stoped it. Big trans so we used two bottles. I also have a 1953 Belair that wouldn’t shift up, only manually. Two bottles of Lucas worked fine. Not sure how it does it but it worked for me and it shifts like new now. -Barry S., Hemel Hempstead, London

I Believe Your Product Saved Me At Least 2 Grand

My daughters 2003 Crown Vic, 190 thousand miles, about a year and a half ago it started miss shifting and shifting very sloppy. Oh #$%! need a trans. My mechanic said try the Lucas Transmission Fix, so we did. Was a little better. The directions said we could add two if needed. Desperate, so we added another. Still seemed to miss second gear, speeding up, and slowing down. It was getting her from point A to point B, so we just put up with it. About a week ago she comes home and says, dad, the trans is fixed. Of-course I said no way, so I drove it. No sh#!, it is shifting perfectly. From a normal start to flooring it, it hits the kick down and smoothly goes through the gears. So, it is fixed. Our mechanic said a full fix after all this time is rare, and we also realize that it could still go out. But for now, I believe your product saved me at least 2 grand. As this is my baby's car, I would have surely bought a trans. It may be strange her being only 22, but she loves that car, and wants nothing to do with newer cars, I lucked out there. I also put some in our other 2 cars as preventive measure. Thank you. -Kevin K., Dearborn, MI

All my rough shifting disappeared after 100 kms. Unbelievable.

I am from France, I have a 02 Ford Windstar I flushed my tranny and put some Lucas Transmission Fix and all my rough shifting disappeared after 100 kms. Unbelievable. -Omar A., Aix-les-Bains, France

I have been using Lucas Transmission Fix as a preventative maintenance for years...

I have been using Lucas Transmission Fix in my 2003 Escalade just as a preventative maintenance for years and have not had any transmission problems so far with over 230,000 miles on the original transmission, and it runs cool. Thanks Lucas. -Ronnie P., Laporte, IN

IMMEDIATELY the leak was stopped and never leaked a drop for the next 15 years we owned the car.

This story goes about 20 years ago. I was on a vacation with family and we were driving our 1990 Olds 88 (FWD). We had gotten to our destination and the CV axle seal on the driver side had completely failed and leaked out quite a few quarts of transmission fluid. Having no tools or place to fix it close I decided to try a bottle of Lucas Transmission Fix. IMMEDIATELY the leak was stopped and never leaked a drop for the next 15 years we owned the car. That was my first of many great experiences with the Lucas family of products. -Matthew H., Chicago, IL

The next day, a 250 mile round trip, convinced me this product was worth every dime.

Last year, I purchased a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 two wheel drive truck, with over 235,000 miles on it. The motor ran great, but the transmission would shudder when shifting from 3rd into Overdrive. In my mind, it was an old high mileage truck, and I expected / accepted it had issues. Last week, I purchased the Lucas Transmission Fix, removed the same amount of fluid from its transmission, and poured the whole bottle in. A short 15 minute drive, showed improvement. The next day, a 250 mile round trip, convinced me this product was worth every dime. My transmission shifted up, and down like a new one. No shudder what so ever. I will recommend it to others, because it has proven to me, it works. -Bill N., Mountain View, AR

Car runs like it never had an issue.

My wife's 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix was having transmission issues (slipping at the peak of 1st into 2nd). After my wife purchased a diagnostic A&R Transmission repair shop told me that the trans was crap and needed to be replaced ASAP! LMAO!! NOT TODAY BUDDY!! I Replaced filter, fluid and used the Lucas Transmission Fix. I used about 28oz to 30oz. Car runs like it never had an issue. Drive it lightly a day or so and you should start to feel the difference. -Troy S., Oak Grove, KY

The problems were solved right away.

I had a 1994 Dodge Dakota with a 39.L V6 and 4-speed automatic transmission that was leaking out of the side of the transmission case where the wiring goes in and it had no Reverse. The truck had about 160,000 miles on it and the transmission had already been rebuilt a few years earlier. I had the fluid and filter changed at a transmission shop and they noted that there was a lot of metal shavings in the pan and said it needed to be rebuilt which would cost over $2,000. I did not opt for the rebuild, but added a bottle of Lucas Oil Transmission Fix instead against the recommendation of the transmission shop. The problems were solved right away. I got reverse back and the seals stopped leaking. I even towed a utility trailer with no problems or slipping! Four years later, the transmission was still problem free when I sold the truck. Also, the Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer stopped the bearing knocking and oil burning in the engine. Best products ever. I am also thankful of Lucas Oil's support of NHRA Drag Racing. Great company and great family. -Todd S., West Jordan, UT

Added Transmission Fix & now my tachometer works

I recently bought a 2006 Ram 1500. The tachometer didn't work, & the dealer stated they would fix it. They tried. They replaced the old one & the new one didn't work either. They tried on numerous occasions, & finally told me they had to make an appointment with the Manufacturer. The other day, I bought the Transmission Fix, as a preventative measure. Added it, & now my tach works. -Ed T., Anderson, SC

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