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Takeoff was very smooth, shifting was very smooth and coasting was smooth

I have my father's 97 Silverado pickup with 193,000 miles on it. The transmission had three characteristics: take off from still was a pause then jerk into motion (as if engine was missing, but it isn't the engine), gear shifting wasn't as smooth as it should be, and coasting wasn't as smooth as it should be. I spoke to my mechanic and mentioned I can't find in the records that the tranny fluid has been changed recently. He said, "If it isn't leaking, fluid looks and smells good, then just add a quart of Lucas Transmission Fix." So I followed and added the Lucas. After a few days of driving, it occurred to me that takeoff was very smooth, shifting was very smooth and coasting was smooth. WOW! Very pleased. I have used Lucas power steering rack leak seal with success in an old Jaguar and used the fuel system cleaner. I'm sold on Lucas products. Thank you. -Charles R., Dallas, TX

I added one bottle of Lucas Transmission Fix and immediately the problem was GONE!!

My 2004 Dodge Dakota 3.7 automatic was slipping and jerking 35-40 miles mph feel like I was running over the pay attention ribs cut into the edge of the blacktop. Anything above or below the 35-40 mph was fine. I added one bottle of Lucas Transmission Fix and immediately the problem was GONE!! I was a little concerned because it came out of the jug like honey "thick" but it did the trick. Thank You LUCAS OIL!!! You got yourself a lifetime member!! -Jim B., Cherryville, MO

We Used Lucas Transmission Fix In Every Transmission Service In Our Fleet

As a Tech for a City. We used Lucas Transmission Fix in every transmission service in our fleet. Our Ford CV Police cars, Ford F250-F550, & GM 2500 3500 trucks where serviced by pan removal & filter change every 18K miles. The 4R70W & 75W CV Trans get avg 45K before overhaul before Lucas Fix. Our overhauls cut more than half milage jumped to 65K. Out of 300 CV in fleet over the years 1/4 made it to out of service milage of 90K-110K on original Trans. The The 3/4 ton up trucks service life 120K -165K both GM & Ford Transmission failure was non existent. Lucas fixed many vehicles until their replacements come in the next budget year.. -Jason E., Trinity, NC

The Lucas Products are Great.

I have a 95 Dodge Ram 5.9L 4x4 1/2 ton that I ordered 26.5 years ago from Huntington Beach Dodge. I started using your Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, Power Steering Stop Leak, Transmission Fix 23 years ago when seals and gaskets started leaking. I just had to have my Transmission rebuilt at 333,988 miles. The Re-build shop said it was really dirty inside but it didn't fail from low Fluid, Burnt Fluid, Bad Seals, Slipping, it was from the Drum Gear (I lost Reverse gear). The Lucas Products are great. -Matt I., Anaheim, CA

It amazed me, and I am sure it will amaze you.

I had just picked up a 1998 Toyota 4runner with 265,000 on the odometer. After a few months of solid driving, I got in and started her up. I put it into drive and lightly pressed the gas. The RPM's went up, but I went nowhere. I gave it a little more gas after checking to be sure the E-brake was not left on. All of a sudden, the whole car lurched forward and began to slip badly. I limped to Walmart desperate to find a solution. I stumbled upon this "slip stop" and though "heck, what do I have to lose". I poured 2 bottles in and expected nothing to change. Instead, this time it started and shifted into first gear, second, third and overdrive with no issues. It literally fixed my transmission. All that remained was an occasional slip. It fixed it enough for me to get it to a shop and have the transmission rebuilt. My clutch packs were literally gone and my shift solenoids were clogged beyond belief. This stuff works. It amazed me, and I am sure it will amaze you. -Carsten Z., Chesterfield, VA

It Literally Stopped The Transmission Slip

1991 Chevy S10 Blazer, had slippage issues in the transmission and had well over 200k on the clock & putting in a rebuilt transmission even for a tech like me would be worth it, well I put the Lucas Transmission Fix in the transmission drove it for a few days and it literally stopped the transmission slip, this was about 10ish years ago and now the S10 is pushing 300K which another friend has it now, but I have become a avid Lucas Oil Product fan. Thanks Lucas. -Mike T., Frederick, MD

There was a NOTICEABLE difference within 10 minutes

My daughter has a 2006 Mercury Milan 6-cylinder. It has 110,000 miles on it and she mentioned to me last week that it sounded like it was shifting weird from 1st to 2nd. I took it for a drive and noticed it was starting to slip just a bit coming out of first (shift flare). I purchased the Lucas Transmission Fix after reading hundreds of 5-Star reviews and after it to the transmission fluid and running it through the gears while the brake was pressed, I took it for a drive. There was a NOTICEABLE difference within 10 minutes of driving it in the city and perhaps 9 or 10 stop lights/stop signs. PLUS, it no longer clunks when shifting from Park to Reverse or from Reverse to Drive or from Drive to Reverse, etc. Love this stuff! Thank you Lucas Oil. -Tony S., Roseville, CA

These products have worked great for me and I am sure will work for you.

I had a truck stolen from me. While I was waiting for insurance a friend let me have a 1996 Chevy S10. He said it won't last long tranny is shot. 5 years later the tranny did go. About every 6 months I would pull about a quart out and replace it with Trans fix or other Lucas transmission products. These products have worked great for me and I am sure will work for you. The S10 was used as a daily driver for the 5 years before it died. It was used as a construction parts truck before I got it in 2005. I use most Lucas internal products (oil, fuel, power steering and transmission) Love this stuff has saved me lost of cash. Thank you. -Merle D., Williston, ND

Pardon My Language But That S#!% Is Amazing.

Regarding your transmission stop slip. Pardon my language but that shit is amazing. Had a 97 Jeep Wrangler with a failing transmission but no money for a new one so I tried your product for the first time and added a little. It worked for a time and I added more as needed till I had the whole bottle in there. Finally I got up the money and took it to AMMCO transmission. The mechanic came out after working for a bit absolutely bewildered with a pile of metal shavings in cupped hands and said this is what's left of your gears, they're balder than a baby's ass.... How the HELL did you get here? I just smiled and said Lucas. If Lucas makes it it works. Absolutely love your products from oil stabilizer to gun oil. -Donald F., Alabama

Lucas Transmission Fix works.

Lucas Transmission Fix works. I was skeptic, I was not convinced it would work. But my mechanic recommend that I give it a try. Stop the rough shifting on my automatic transmission. A product that does says. Lucas makes good additives..... -Roy J., Savoy, IL

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