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ONE bottle and the transmission worked PERFECTLY again.

I own a 2002 Toyota Tundra, the radiator failed and allowed the coolant and transmission fluid to mix. It was immediately apparent that I had a MAJOR transmission problem. I installed a new radiator and drained the transmission fluid, which now looked like orange soup. The tranny's performance improved with each change of the fluid (I did it four times), but still paused when I put the truck into drive or reverse from a stop. Someone suggested your Transmission Fix/Stop Slip product to me. I added ONE bottle and the transmission worked PERFECTLY again. THANK YOU for saving me what I thought was going to either be a very expensive repair bill or having to purchase a new transmission or vehicle. GREAT PRODUCT. -Brent

To say I would highly recommend that product is a gross understatement.

I have a 1957 Thunderbird that I have been restoring. The transmission was leaking fluid so bad that I had to empty the drain pan underneath it almost weekly. I took it to a transmission shop to get the seals replaced and was told that since there is an X brace under the transmission they would have to pull the engine and transmission in order to replace the seals. Before spending that much money I decided to try Lucas transmission fix. That was 6 months ago and there has been no transmission fluid leak since I added that product. I was hoping it would slow the leaking and I am elated to see that it stopped the leaking totally! To say I would highly recommend that product is a gross understatement. Thank you Lucas Oil company. -Paul Wells

Henry Garcia uses Lucas Transmission Fix in his 1988 Toyota Corolla

My 1988 Toyota Corolla's transmission was overheating during longer drives, causing the fluid to overflow out the dip tube. A trusted repair shop diagnosed it and recommended the Lucas Transmission Fix product. I followed the directions and the product worked as advertised. It controlled the overheating and the problem stopped completely after a short time. Initially, I added it to the existing fluid without draining any out as recommended, and the issue actually worsened before it completely stopped because, I believe, the fluid level was too high. Upon changing the fluid at the next regular interval, however, I again added the product along with the new fluid and had no problems at all. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a transmission overheating issue due to worn seals, etc. –Henry Garcia

Jim Kilday of Lakland, FL says "Works perfectly, wonderful product!"

Tried your stop transmission oil leak product on my 2003 chevy avalanche with 130,000 miles and worked perfectly. Wonderful product.

Osby Nowlin from Lunchburg, VA says, "This stuff works".

Since 1993 I have been driving a1984 Buick Regal. Around 1998,at about 99000 miles the transmission began to slip. Had fluid changed for the first time and added Lucus transmission treatment. Now Bertha has 191000 actual miles on her transmission. The stuff works.l also your oil and power steering products. Thanks for keeping Bertha and me moving.

I would like to say a BIG thank you for your product

Good afternoon, I would like to say a BIG thank you for your product, Lucas Oil transmission fix. This product saved our vacation. Here is our story. Last Wednesday, we set out in our motorhome from our home in Paris Ontario Canada heading to Talladega AL for the NASCAR weekend. we made it as far as Walton KY and started having severe transmission troubles. The transmission was leaking fluid, shifting very rough and slipping like crazy. We thought we were done. We lost all day Thursday trying to get repaired and still make it on time to Talladega for the weekend. After we were repaired, it did not take long down the road and it was evident the leak was stopped but there were much greater issues inside the tranny. We stopped at a Walmart store and I picked up 2 bottles of your product, Lucas Oil transmission fix. The results were instant. Shifting smoothed out and the slipping almost disappeared entirely, . While it wasn't a total fix for the problem, it allowed us to carry on, stopping every 2 hours to add a bit more. We made it to Talladega in time for the races and had a fantastic time as always. On the trip home, I wasn't sure how far we would get but we would try and make it home. I picked up a couple more bottles of your product and we set off Monday morning for the 910 mile trip home. Well, same plan, stopping every 2 hours to top off with more of your transmission fix, we made it all the way home safely today. We had a basically dead transmission and this stuff was incredible enough to keep our 34ft motorhome going for 1375 miles through the hills of Kentucky and the mountains of Tennessee. We made it home in time to see my mechanic and he was astounded how far we made it with a stick transmission, I consider this stuff "liquid gold". We still need to replace the tranny, but now we are home safe and sound and best of all, our vacation was not ruined due to a mechanical breakdown, thanks to YOU. A really BIG thank you for a superb product, it sure saved our day (and trip!) I know how much you support motorsports as we are big NASCAR and World of Outlaws fans, So here is our chance to say THANK YOU for what you do. Sincerely, Scott & Christine Misener, Paris, Ontario Canada

Thank You Lucas Oil for making a quality product that really works.

Had been having transmission slip problems in my 02 Sierra for along time, finally got tired of it, thought i would try Lucas Trans Fix, no more slip. I love my truck again, and it only cost me $12 bucks. Thank You Lucas Oil for making a quality product that really works. If its good enough for John Force, its good enough for me. See you in Las Vegas. -Rob Ross - Bend, Oregon

Now it shifts like a new car !! Great product!

I used Lucas transmission additive in my Lincoln Continental which has 100k on it & now it shifts like a new car !! Great product! -Mike Wilharms, Kiel, WI

I'll use Lucas products forever as long as they're this good.

When my wife's '98 Explorer started shuddering when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear I was shocked. I had the transmission serviced on schedule and even though the truck was considered high mileage at the time (just over 300K) It ran like the day it rolled off the assembly line and looked nearly that good. I found that I had been ripped off. They weren't replacing the fluids at all in the transmission, transfer case or differentials. I know, dumb me for not checking all those times. I wiped the road grime (still never a leak mind you) from the check/fill plugs as well as the drain plugs and found the build paint mark on them...not so much as a little mark inside from removal/replacement. Darn it. The fluid in the transfer case looked like mercury, the fluid in the differentials looked at least as bad & the fluid in the transmission looked like old engine oil. I was sweating bullets. I talked to a friend that recommended the Lucas Transmission Fix telling me he has had great results & of course adding, "What do you have to lose?" Yeah thanks. So I replaced the diff/TC fluids with the Lucas products then replaced the fluids in the transmission with Lucas transmission fluid & Lucas Transmission Fix (as well as a new filter, a heavy cleaning of the inside of the pan & a paranoid addition of a big magnet inside the pan even though there didn't appear to be much in the way of metal bits). I was dumbfounded. I didn't realize how much performance I had lost slowly over the years. It felt like it had been completely rebuilt. I figured after being abused (inadvertently mind you) for so many miles, even if it worked its days would be certainly be numbered. Well, while I have no delusions it can last forever(...can it?) it is now at 425K and I am going to do the exact same thing again. It hauls family everyday in the heat/cold/inclement weather/offroad on vacation (gently off course!) It shifts smoothly but firmly, never shudders, is completely quiet, the Tcase is smooth and QUIET, the diffs are the same. I am SOLD! I'll use Lucas products forever as long as they're this good. Keep it up! -Duane Morris. Wichita, KS

Actually the engine is so quiet that I sometimes mistakenly start it twice

I have a 2010 Chevy Malibu ls with 169000 miles and I have been using lucas products for 6 years now . I first started with the fuel cleaning system follwed by the engine oil stabilizer followed by the transmission additive. My check engine light has never came on nor have I ever had any issues with my engine or transmission except for a slight hestitation during aceleration which went away after using the transmission additive. Actually the engine is so quiet that I sometimes mistakenly start it twice . Thanks to lucas products I'm enjoying my Malibu . Sylvester Small Culpeper Virginia

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