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Thanks for the great products that Lucas Oil provides.

I've had a 2002 GMC Sierra I put 346k miles on that truck. I've used the Lucas engine and Lucas transmission products with no problems. I just bought a 2019 GMC Sierra and I'm using these products also. I just bought the Lucas Speed Wax and love the ease on and off. My paint is the white frost tricoat and it brought it to a showroom shine. Thanks for the great products that Lucas Oil provides. -Glenn P., Houma, LA

You guys are great and you make an amazing product.

I wanted to give you guys a huge thumbs up. I have tried many different products in the past as my being a mechanic, but Lucas... I'll tell you what it is the best I have ever used. I used some of your Power Steering Stop Leak and trans slip stuff [Lucas Transmission Fix] got me started. Now that is all I run in my mud truck gear oil and differentials. It is what I use in all my sand toys and four wheelers. Crankcase and it has never ran better. My gears are quiet, my wet clutch packs love it. So does everything else that I put it in. Please keep up the good work and I do tell everyone that I highly recommend it, in anything. You guys are great and you make an amazing product. I will forever be using your product. -Anthony S.

There is simply no better products

As a kart racer I can not say enough about the quality and performance helping standards of the Lucas Oil Products. We have been using Lucas Oil Products in our kart for four years now and there is simply no better products. We race all over the southeast and people are always coming up and asking what we are using and how it is performing. Thank You Lucas Oil for your support and your awesome oil products. -Tanner Moss Racing, Munford, TN

Thank you Lucas Oil for helping me me save time and money!

I have been using Lucas Oil products on the farm since 2001. Since then we have gotten more hours between overhauls in our farm tractors and semi trucks. Thank you Lucas Oil for helping me me save time and money! -Dustin P., Kimmell, IN

Lucas products save you cash by keeping you on the road.

Been using now for 10 years. Lucas products save you cash by keeping you on the road. I've used it for power steering leaks, transmission leaks, and for fuel pump problems and rear main seal leaks, it's the best products on the market. -Howard M., Albany, GA

I have switched to running all Lucas products in my race car.

My family has been racing since the late seventies. My father starter in a pure stock class and processed all the way to modifieds. He stopped in the early 2000's but my brother and I still are racing and are running in the mod ranks. Over the span of 40 yrs we have used many different brands of oils and now have found Lucas oil helped lower temp's 10 degrees and bearings and gears all lasting longer. Between the high quality and price compared to equivalent competition I have switched to running all Lucas products in my race car. -Randy S., Oneida, NY

After all these years Lucas is still my most bestest favorite product on the market!!!!

I am the owner of a small towing company here in Arkansas. Personally I’m in love with Lucas Oil Products. My love affair started back in the early 90s if my memory serves me correctly. At that time a lot of us were using Amsoil products. My early experience was with the Power Steering Stop Leak those old GMC wreckers with the PS assist on hydraulic brakes always had seepage. The stuff worked wonderfully. Then we tried the transmission cond. stop leak [Lucas Transmission Fix] on our service vehicles turbo 350s worked perfect. Today January 5th-2019 I got a 24 oz Lucas Slick Mist Speed Wax, after reading the label on where to use, I was standing at my kitchen sink (it has a good light above it old age) anyway I glanced down a noticed the watermarks, hand cleaner stains on my stainless steel sink. Lol. The Slick Mist made it look new! So I did the non-food counter tops, went into the cabinet doors, the cook top, microwave and the oven. The refrigerator, toaster!! Holy cow this is a wonderful kitchen polish better than the glass wax my mom had! So I’ll end with after all these years Lucas is still my most bestest favorite product on the market!!!! -Uncle Pauly V., Hot Springs National Park, AR

Lucas Oil Gas Treatments rock.

Lucas Oil Gas Treatments rock. My wife and I got a 2009 Ford Focus SE that was a hand me down from my wive's sister that got the car from a used car dealer that abused the poor thing. Engine ran rough as hell. I repaired the engine mounts and that took out 50% of the rough idle. Then I used your High Milage Fuel Treatment with the Safeguard Ethanol Conditioner and that took another 40% out of the rough idle. Now I just have to chase down the other 10% of the idle issue. Since the fuel treatments did such good job on the Ford, I started using the Synthetic Oil Stabilizer with regular fuel treatment with once a year. I use Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner in my 2011 GMC Sierra. My mechanic is floored every time and happy to see my valves and piston tops are nearly 100% clean. He tells me that is the reason why my truck seems it wants to run like Corvette even though its a V6 full size Truck. But one thing I get from my truck is it gives me a thank you for using your products. I also use your Synthetic ATF Conditioner on top of my factory ATF fill. The ATF is still light red. -Christopher M.,Benton, AR

Thanks for the great products.

I wanted to share my personal experience with your product. The exact date doesn't matter. It was in June 2018, my wife and I were riding my 98 Harley Davidson ultra classic from Tupelo to Corinth Mississippi. It was over 100 degrees and we were pushing the bike pretty hard. Somewhere along the way the drain plug came out of the transmission. I have been putting Lucas in the transmission every since I bought the bike, about 4 years ago. We ran along about 40 miles with the plug out. When we exited the interstate and stopped at the intersection I heard a noise when I pulled out. Upon inspection, I found the drain plug missing. We were in the middle of nowhere so I made the decision to backtrack to a store about 10 miles away. We ran along at about 50 mph. I was able to round up a plug for the transmission. The only Lucas product that I thought would work was some Hub Oil. I filled the transmission up and made a couple of slow laps around the store and away we went. We made it back and I have put around 3500 miles since then without any problems. Thanks for the great products. -Jerry W.

I use Red & Tacky #2 on almost everything.

I use Red & Tacky #2 on almost everything. I am a ham Radio Operator and have had to rebuild several antenna rotors. The factory grease tends to harden and get very sticky over time resulting in the electric motor overheating and failing because of the lack of lubricity. Cleaning and using Red & Tacky #2 to re-lubricate bearing balls and other components has proven a life time of no worries. Stays consistent in weather well below freezing and the heat of direct sun light. Doesn't melt out. Due to the weight of these antennas, I wanted something that would stay on the ball bearings. Red & Tacky does a very good job. -Greg D., Tecumseh, MI

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