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It now has 1,126,000 miles. I have used Lucas Magnum Oil...

I have a 2008 780 Volvo with a D-16 Volvo engine. When I got the truck, it had 158,000 miles. It now has 1,126,000 miles. I have used Lucas Magnum oil since the day I purchased it. Still holds 40# oil pressure at idle and 60# while driving, and I have never touched the engine. -Dwaine A.

Thank you for great products!

I have a 02 Harley Davidson Fatboy FLSTFI, and I use nothing but Lucas synthetic oil products everywhere, from synthetic fork oil, to synthetic 20w-50 motor oil, to Synthetic gear oil, and primary oil, in conjunction with their synthetic Motorcycle Oil Stabilizer, there’s no other brand of oil products going into my baby! I even use the Fuel System Cleaner and Octane Booster as well as Lucas grease, and Silk Mist! (And even the break in oil when building new motors!) Thank you for great products! -Derek M.

I will be preaching the Lucas benefits to my riding friends.

After receiving my oil from you, I have installed your 20W-50 full Synthetic Motorcycle Oil in my 2017 Harley Davidson Freewheeler trike in the motor, transmission & differential. What an improvement over the factory oil. I have noticed lower operating temperatures & improved shifting & finding neutral. I am convinced & will be preaching the Lucas benefits to my riding friends. Also, just a note that your detailing products are also fabulous & my new Harley shines like the paint is wet. Again, thanks for fabulous products & best regards, Michael O.

You have got a lifetime customer.

I started out with trying out the Lucas Oil Upper Cylinder and Fuel Treatment. On its own, it raised my MPG on the interstates and highways by 2-4 first time. Naturally impressed, I ventured into the other products and bought a bottle of Power Steering Stop Leak. My reservoir was already pretty full, but I added an ounce or so to it. Before, it was loud, constantly squealing and squawking as it would run. After, not a noise to be heard and the steering is even a bit lighter and much smoother. The next product was the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. I changed the oil over this weekend in my 04 Dodge Grand Caravan which has 176,000 miles on it (give or take.) I substituted 1 qt stabilizer for 1 qt oil in a 5 quart system. The van has always run well, but this all together seemed to give it new life. Seems to have twice the low end get up and response as to before. It runs smoother, quieter (not that it was loud before), and even sounds better. Im thoroughly impressed. I won’t be without Lucas products in any and all of my vehicles here after. You have got a lifetime customer. -Christopher S.


I have used nothing but Lucas Oil since I was younger. I've always seen improvements in every vehicle I've drove or recommended to use. The boost of mpg's is awesome. I know I'm burning cleaner. And OIL. Whoa don't get me started. Every oil change I supplement a quart. Dry starts gone. Ticking, noise, rattle, tapping........ gives in to the products. I love LUCAS OIL. I will always use it, my kids, family, and friends will too. Especially since they have me do their oil changes. -Shelby

I stand by your products and will always be a Lucas GRL!!!

Hands down I love all your products. I own 16 motorcycles. Two of them are SUZUKI HAYABUSA'S. My daily driver Busa which is a 1999 has as of to date 82,893 miles on it. Unheard of in the bike community. And yes I do ride her hard. But I also keep up on everything maintenance wise myself and ALWAYS use All Lucas products. Even the dealership didn't believe the miles and came out to verify it and actually had taken pictures of my odometer. They asked what do I use I said only Lucas of course. I stand by your products and will always be a Lucas GRL!!! -Vanessa

I would rate them a 10 out of 10

I use Lucas lubricants in all my equipment from diesel, gas and 2 cycle. I have never had any issues and my equipment runs and starts lime day one. Lucas is a great product and I would rate them a 10 out of 10 for a quality of product.

Ken Daudt puts life back into his cars!

I'm not one to jump on any band wagon for “get better products for cars” but Lucas produces one heck of a product. As I put more miles on my car it appeared that it started running rough and was getting poor gas mileage, after you gave me a few bottles of Lucas I thought why not try it, it sure can't hurt? Well my Volvo V70 T-5 all of a sudden started to run smoother and also started to get better mileage. I decided that maybeI should start using it in my wifes 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT well as you know the GT is a High Performance car and yes it became a High performance car again.

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