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Very impressed (bought three more bottles).

Was given a bottle by Gun Smith/ Builder to try. He knows I will be honest and I use some of my firearms hard. Very impressed (bought three more bottles). Easy cleanup (carbon removal). Very little wear if any in early stages of trial. I have NEVER wiped my bolt carrier clean with a towel much less firing pin or bolt. Further test to follow. Will have to see how it holds up to the salt air, heat and humidity on the Texas coast. -Thomas

The old saying, "oil is oil is oil, is so far from the truth.

I was showing my wife 3 gun competitions and the topic of Lucas Oil came up. It is quite nice to see you involved in the firearms community as well as my favorite hot rod. In the case of the Hot Rod my favorite was a One Ton 4X4 with a 500hp big block in it. Needless to say it was quite a beast which I finally sold after 28 years of rumbling around. Your Octane Booster is one of my favorites for my tuned Tahoe which allows me to push it without worrying about a fuel fail. As for the firearms world I am a retired Sniper so working precision tolerances is a normal day for me. I often end up explaining the concept of film strength, thermal stability, friction modifiers, and of course Large Molecule Long Chain Synthetics to my associates as I choose my lubricants carefully. The old saying, "oil is oil is oil, is so far from the truth. When I was sitting in a Sniper position covering my coworkers against an active shooter in a 37deg rain those lubricants protected my equipment and thus my team. I am not allowed to make a mistake and my equipment must work or we die. My compliments to all of you at Lucas Oil. Keep doing what you do best keeping all my precision machines running at peak performance with unyielding reliability. David J. Szibel Deputy Sheriff-Retired: S.W.A.T. Sniper/Sniper Instructor/S.W.A.T.Instructor/Technician/Team Armorer (senior Sniper for Seven years), Firearms Instructor, Dept. Armorer, Weapons of Mass Destruction Instructor, Close Quarters Battle Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Principles of Subject Control Instructor, Emergency Response Team Instructor/Team Leader, Emergency Preparedness Planning Instructor, Professional Communications Instructor, Technical Crash Investigator, 72 Hour Certified Instructor Development Course training provided by the FBI, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, Range Safety Officer, and more. Feel free to use my compliments as you see fit. And as always if you want me to ruin, I mean test, something by all means samples are always appreciated. -David Szibel

Pete C. "The Armory Channel"

"Any time I do a disassembly video on a firearm or clean a firearm I will be using your product and promoting your product. The reason is it truly is the greatest gun oil I've ever experienced and I've had hundreds of different other brands. I truly believe in your product this is why I like to tell my subscribers about it."

Long-Time Lucas Oil Fan Loves Lucas Gun Oil

"I've been a fan of Lucas products for a long time. Back when I was racing I have no doubt they played a big part in prolonging the life of several engines and transmissions. I'm sending this in regard to another of your products I tried for the first time recently. I picked up some of your gun oil at my local O'Reilly Auto Parts and I love it! It out preforms anything else I've used and at $4 a bottle it's reasonable. Just wanted to say thanks for another wonderful product!" - E. Koehrsen

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