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Great products! Transmission conditioner! Absolutely works!

Great products! Transmission conditioner! Absolutely works! Stops slipping and ensures smooth shifting! Gasoline and injector cleaner! Like magic! No more skipping and bucking! My 2002 Sportrac runs like new! Just add Lucas oil treatment/stop leak to my Snapper tractor! Once again! Success! Runs like a top and leaks are gone! Great products from a great company! Lucas Oil Stadium isn’t bad either! Lol! Thank you Lucas! - Ray S., Franklin, IN

The Transmission Immediately Started Running Smother

Bought the Lucas Automatic Fluid Conditioner, put in my 2017 Ford Edge. Transmission immediately started running smother stopped shudder from dead stop. Mileage went from 19.5 to 23.3. Fantastic Product. -Marc C., Kankakee, IL

Within 100 miles my delayed engagement stopped entirely and my transmission drives like new!

My 2012 Mazda3 Skyactiv with 130,000 miles had delayed engagement since I bought it. I did a ATF drain and fill and it didn't do anything. Then a month later I did another drain and fill with a new ATF filter and one bottle of Automatic Transmission Fluid Conditioner. Within 100 miles my delayed engagement stopped entirely and my transmission drives like new! -Vladimir S., Huntington Beach, CA

I Was Skeptical At 1st

My Daughter has a 2008 Acura with 108,000 miles, it started shifting a little bit hard, after putting in the 20 oz bottle of conditioner, I could almost instantly feel the difference and how smooth it was, and my Daughter was very happy to have her baby running smooth again! -Frank R., Gilbert, AZ

It has been shifting very nicely for the last 600 miles.

I have a 2003 Honda Odyssey with 270,000 miles which started to slip when warm shifting 1-2 and 2-3 and had delayed engagement in reverse and drive. This started happening about 30,000 miles after I changed about 1/2 of the trans fluid (4 qts) and the filter with the official Honda stuff. (DW-1 fluid). The fluid I drained out was not horrible but showed use. To remedy this I changed the trans filter again and replaced the four shift solenoids at the recommendation of some experienced advice. The operation was good until the trans got warm. Then it started to slip when shifting and showed the delayed engagement again into reverse and drive. I contacted Lucas chat advice and they recommended the Automatic Transmission Fluid Conditioner. It has been shifting very nicely for the last 600 miles I clocked this past week... including two 180 mile trips. THANK YOU LUCAS!!! -Alex Z., Chaska, MN

I must admit I could tell the difference as I backed out to the street.

I have owned my 2006 2500Hd Chevy w/LBZ Duramax since new. I have recently noticed that the shifts have been feeling a little erratic so I thought I would change fluid and filter. While I was getting my parts I spied your product on the store shelf and began reading. I have been aware of Lucas products being synonymous with quality for years. So when I seen the trans fluid conditioner I did not hesitate to purchase for my fluid change, I drained and filled and while in garage ran it through several complete selections of the gears from park to rev and to low and back. Then came the time to road test and I must admit I could tell the difference as I backed out to the street. I made several from 0 to highway speed runs to allow the tranny to get use to the fluid and after about five runs the transmission was feeling like it did the day I took delivery in 2006! I drove home and could not keep from getting back in and on the road. So within thirty minutes I was back on the road loving the results of you product! I can tell you right now, I will never change my fluid without using you products. -Michael

A very happy long time customer

Hello I would like to first say I love your products from my off roa toys old suburb and and abused jeeps to my out boards and my 2007 camry I have had since new and know has 225,000 plus miles and goes 10-12,000 in between oil changes your products work. I have used Lucas oils in very car I have ver had and never needed engine work or trans work of any kind and have no leaks what so ever.

This is saying something since I drive Los Angeles traffic and the southern californi grape vine very week atleast 2 times.

I currently have a 2005 Lincoln navigator my wife baught use lat year. it has a zf6 6speed automatic transmission and takes mercron sp Fluid. I need to make sure what products of yours I can use in the transmission.

Thank you, A very happy long time customer.

Mark Jones Recommends Lucas ATF Conditioner for the amazing results on his 2005 Ford Super Duty TorqShift Transmission

We recently purchased a 2005 Ford F350 Super Duty 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel with the 5R110W, TorqShift transmission with 90K miles on it.  Shortly after the purchase we noticed that the  transmission was leaking fluid from a hairline crack in the transmission case.  The dealer replaced it with a \used\ unit and when it was returned to us it did not seem to perform as well or shift as smoothly as did the original leaking transmission. 

I added (1) 20 ounce bottle of Lucas Oil's Automatic Transmission Fluid Conditioner and the results are nothing short of amazing.  It performs so much better now and just feels so much more positive in the up-shifts and down-shifts.  Even better than the original leaking transmission. 

Thank you for producing such a wonderful product. I am not one that looks to use additives much but I would definitely recommend this to others. 

Thank you again,Mark R Jones

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