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I Added The Lucas Oil Stabilizer and There Was an Immediate Result.

I have always had a loud top end on my Harley Sportster. And ever since I started using this oil [Lucas 20w50 Motorcycle Oil], my engine is quieter and have noticed much better my motorcycle is running overall. I added the Lucas oil stabilizer yesterday and there was an immediate result. I LOVE Lucas products and as a motorcycle mechanic for Harley Davidson, I tell everyone I know with Harley’s to use this oil. -Megan S., Orlando, FL

Try out the Motorcycle Oil Stabilizer you'll hear the difference...

My Harley always had the top end tick like most bikes do. So I decided to purchase the Lucas Motorcycle Oil Stabilizer. Wow I can't believe how much this has helped granted it's still makes noise but it dampens it down alot! I run Lucas Synthetic 20w/50 in my motor with Lucas Gear Oil in my trans. And Lucas primary oil. I don't care what anybody says Lucas makes some great oils! Try out the Motorcycle Oil Stabilizer you'll hear the difference it made a believer out of me and it will you too!

It was like riding a completely different bike.

I have a 2008 Harley Dyna Street Bob which has been completely customized to include engine work, custom exhaust and multiple dyno tuned sessions. The motor has 31k miles on it. The engine has always run extremely hot and destroys any oil thats in it in less than 2000 miles. This past weekend, I decided to switch over and try Lucas Oil and added 6 oz of Motorcycle Oil Stabilizer to the fresh oil. The bike is extremely quieter now (always had a sewing machine noise) and runs significantly cooler. It was like riding a completely different bike. I am sold. This stuff rocks. Daniel F.

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