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Lucas Oil GDI intake valve is the best!

I have used your products (complete fuel system cleaner and transmission fix, mostly) for years and wished you had a GDI intake valve cleaner. I have used CRC and Seafoam before each oil change to keep the intake valves in my 2014 Elantra Sport clean. Always wished Lucas Oil had a GDI intake valve cleaner and then I saw a can on the shelf at Auto Zone. I felt like doing a happy dance! So ... I bought one and read the directions and used as instructed. After the heat soak, I started the car and it fired right up. Once I got under way, the car chugged a bit and shot out a wall of smoke just like the other brands. I hit the freeway for a 20 minute drive. Got home shut off the car and restarted it again. My Elantra fired up immediately and the idle was smooth as shaving cream. Nice. Today, I set out to do my errands and started the car. Again, it quickly fired up and ran smooth. I am amazed at the difference in performance! The throttle response was obviously better, the engine pulls at low RPMs without down shifting, and feels much torquier. The engine also pulls to red line easier and exceleration is noticeably better. No question about it ... Lucas Oil GDI intake valve is the best! I just rolled 100,000 miles this past week and my car feels like it did when it was new. Results I never got from CRC or Seafoam. Excellent job people! Thanks for making my car run like new again! I'm going to save a lot of money not buying a new car. My 2014 Elamtra Sport runs like a champ now. I will definitely be using your cleaner from now on, now that I know it's out there! I will also definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to treat their GDI engine to a intake valve cleaning. Thanks so much for making me enjoy my car again. It runs so nice now. Money well spent! You should advertise with James Pumphrey of Donut Media on YouTube to make more people aware that Lucas Oil has the best GDI intake valve cleaner for use by car owners everywhere. Sincerely, Gary Richards Portland, Oregon

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