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I put in another bottle of Lucas and it has run perfect ever since!

I had been noticing that the RPMs on my 2003 Dodge Dakota were randomly fluctuating. It seemed to be only at highway speeds above 50MPH and while idling in park. My wife and I were on a short road trip and the truck got really sluggish. I stopped at a gas station and after checking out the different automotive products I bought a bottle of Lucas Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner. I poured it in the tank, got in the truck and my wife said, "What the heck did you put in the truck?? That noise it was making stopped!" Within 20 seconds of pouring it in the gas tank my idle evened out! Down the road again and the RPM bouncing was minimal! At my next full tank fill up I put in another bottle of Lucas and it has run perfect ever since! Thank you so much for developing such an amazing product!! I'm a Lucas customer for life now! -Robert S., Grand Marais, MN

No Codes!!!! Passed inspection. Customer for life!

'99 Chevy Suburban throwing 5 codes! Repair bill est. thousand plus dollars. Have used the injector cleaner for years on everything but the wife's second car. Put in 1/2 a bottle and drove about 100 miles. No Codes!!!! Passed inspection. Customer for life! -Ralph B., Waxhaw, NC

My truck idle is super smooth now

My 2012 F150 with 5.0 use to idle rough now with the Lucas Fuel System Cleaner my truck idle is super smooth now. -Jonathon N., Newton, IA

4 days later I was shocked when it passed the emissions with no codes.

I purchased a 2007 Chevy Avalanche and almost immediately the check engine light came on. I ran a code scanner on it and said that P0430: Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2). I thought for sure I was replacing a Cat or at least O2 sensor. I read up here to try the Lucas Deep Cleaner first. I had to do emissions on it so I gave it a try. I immediately threw in a bottle and it cleared the codes and 4 days later I was shocked when it passed the emissions with no codes. I used Lucas before and will continue putting a bottle in every 4000 miles. -Matt L.

It is like magic... This stuff is amazing!

One bottle of the Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner saved me hundreds of dollars in repair costs. The engine in my 2003 Cadillac DeVille was idling roughly and misfiring. Two days ago, when I tried to start it in the morning, the engine idled so roughly that it stopped each time I took my foot off of the accelerator. I was dreading a trip to the mechanic, down time, and rental car costs. I nursed the car to the local auto parts store, bought one bottle of Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner, and poured it into the gas tank. Presto! Before I was finished driving the car home it was running better. After a few more miles the engine was not stopping when it idled. Today, two days later, the engine is running more smoothly than it has in over a year! It is like magic. The car has more power and zip and the engine is now very quiet at idle. This stuff is amazing! -Brock W.

My mileage has come up to almost 19 MPG!

With the cold snap that hit the midwest over New Years I flooded the engine on my vehicle trying to get it to start. The vehicle has a MPG meter in it and it had gone from 16 down to 11 mpg. I put in a bottle of the injector cleaner and Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner and filled the gas tank. At 1/2 a tank left my mileage had come up to almost 19 mpg! Not only does Lucas Oil just work it works fast. My wallet and I both thank you. - Cy H.

Now my check engine light is off and truck is running great.

I drive a 07 GMC Sierra 1500 Classic with 271,000 miles... It was running terrible. I put it on a scanner. Mis-Fire #5 cylinder bad fuel injector. Bought a quart of Lucas Fuel System Cleaner... Added to every 15 Gallons of fuel. It took 4 treatments... But now my check engine light is off and truck is running Great... I will recommend this product to all my friends who are looking to get the most out of their vehicles. Thanks for a great Product. -Del H.

Thanks for making such a great product.

Yesterday I noticed that my 2013 Jeep Patriot was driving kind of sluggish so I read up on what could possibly be the problem so I purchase your product (fuel cleaner) so before I filled up my tank I poured the cleaner in my tank and I noticed the difference immediately my car started running a whole lot better. I'm forever grateful for your product from now on it's the only fuel cleaner I'll ever use. Thanks for making such a great product. -Audrey


Recently and all of a sudden, my 2003 Honda CRV began to drag and stall. As a single female, I had no idea where to begin. I called a mechanic, who wanted to charge me over $300 to fix the problem...WHAT?! NEXT, I made a trip to my local automotive franchise; while there, he connected my vehicle to the diagnostic computer and told me that it was a catalytic converter issue. He the recommended that I use some form of " Cat Cleaner". Ok. As I stood at the wall of various THIS AND THAT... completely confused, with one oil looking just like the next one. I remembered from some many years ago, the name LUCUS OIL was the best. I picked up a bottle of the $10.00 DEEP CLEAN FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER. WORKED LIKE IT SAID AND SAVED ME $300+ for now!!!! I'M SOLD ONLY LUCUS FOR MY HONDA!!!! —Katie H.

Lucas Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner Does The Trick for F-650 Work Truck

"My work truck, a 2014 Ford F-650 V-10 with only 20k miles started running very poorly recently. The engine was running roughly, the CEL was almost always on, there was an ammonia smell from the exhaust, plus it would emit a cloud of white smoke that smelled like unburned gasoline a few times a day. Power was way down. The exhaust emmisions even caught on fire TWICE! It was into the Ford dealership twice where they changed the O2 sensor, the catalytic converter and the air filter, all to no avail at all. Yesterday I decided to buy a bottle of Lucas Oil Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner. I put in the bottle this morning, then filled the gas tank and started my work day. Not only are ALL of the abovementioned symptoms completely now gone, the truck is getting about 1 mpg better gas mileage, which is huge, since it was getting 3 mpg before. Thank you Lucas! Can't wait to tell my employers how "I" fixed their truck!" -Michael M.

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