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After using this product, I now get 46 mpg

I went to the Lucas Oil website and read the description of the product and what it was suppose to do. I have used other Lucas products before and I have always been happy with the results. So, I decided to give this a try. The website indicates that it is to help clean soot and particulates out of the engine. It also states that it helps to reduce deposits in the Diesel Particulate Filter. I have a 2006 Jetta TDI and it is old enough that it does not have a particulate filter. But, it does occasionally blow out black smoke under heavy acceleration. I put this into the tank at fill-up. I noticed that the engine ran smoother, but did not think about it any more. Until, one day, I had to accelerate hard getting away from a stop light. And, to my amazement, there was no cloud of black smoke coming out of my exhaust. The VW TID diesel is an awesome engine. I normally get 40 mpg with regular diesel fuel. After using this product, I now get 46 mpg. The website recommends that it be used in the fuel each time that you change the oil. But I use it at each fill up, and I continue to get excellent fuel mileage and smoke free exhaust. - Randall B., Comanche, TX

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