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My oil leak is gone and my engine has not used a drop of oil.

I have a 1993 Ford F350 diesel that was leaking oil, not real bad but it was using oil too. I bought one quart of Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak and my oil leak is gone and my engine has not used a drop of oil at 1,000 miles later. Fantastic product. Oh my engine holds 10 quarts of oil and I only used one quart of Lucas. It works, thanks. Terry G.

added Engine Oil Stop Leak and within a week the leak stopped.

Oil was leaking from timing chain cover and to replace seal would require the engine to be pulled, added Engine Oil Stop Leak and within a week the leak stopped, great product. -Richard G.

I am amazed! This product works!!

First of all, I don't typically writes reviews or testimonials, but I can't keep this to myself. Background: 2005 Chevy Suburban 1500 (8cyl, Vortec 5.3). 235k miles. A horse! Rear main seal leak for about this last 12-18 months. Recently developed a front seal (crankshaft) leak that was making a mess under the hood (oil spray) and stinking up the garage (oil burning off hot block). I'm thinking its time to replace the front seal, harmonic, etc. My mechanic recommended giving LUCAS ENGINE OIL STOP LEAK a try. So I did. Drained the oil, changed the filter, and filled her up with 5 qts synthetic + 1 qt LUCAS ENGINE OIL STOP LEAK. I figured it might slow the leak, especially with the weather getting colder. Well ... Day 2 and NOT A DROP. Zero. Zip. Zilch. The leaks - both front and rear - have stopped. Not to mention, the engine feels better than it was for awhile. I had some occasional valve-lifter tapping. Gone. She purrs on idle and has improved acceleration. I am amazed! I guess I need to wait and see how long the good news lasts, but for the time being ... This product works!! Try it before you spend a few hundred bucks or half your day. Rock on! -George F.

Bought a bottle of Lucas Oil Stop Leak. PROBLEM SOLVED!

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion. Have not driven it much until 2015. After two years, and an odometer reading of 38,000 miles, the engine block started to leak. I went to the autoparts store and bought a bottle of Lucas Oil Stop Leak. PROBLEM SOLVED! Thank you Lucas because when I saw the leak, and knew how much it would cost to pull the engine to replace the gaskets. Not one single drip two weeks later. -Gino T.

Picked up a bottle of Lucas Stop Leak...and the problem was solved!

My Kubota Tractor had a Transmission Seal that began to leak. Within a few months it began leaking badly. Contacted Kubota Service Department and was told $1,000.00 to split tractor and replace seal. Picked up a bottle of Lucas Stop Leak.......and the problem was solved! Thank You Lucas! - Bob B.

Saved me a bunch of bucks.

I have a 52 Chevy 216ci that leaked 1 qt every 2 weeks. Put 1 qt Lucas Oil Stop Leak with oil change, immediately noticed a difference, have not added any oil since oil change. I cannot say in miles as car sits a lot and is not a daily driver so I gauge by floor and very little oil has went on floor. Saved me a bunch of bucks. Hope it keeps up you know how it is you brag on something then it goes to hell ha!!

This stuff is amazing. Will be adding a quart with every oil change.

I’ve got a 2005 GMC Savannah with almost 300k. Started using alot of oil. Needed a liter every 500km. The oil pressure would drop so low at idle that the light came on. 3 min after adding a bottle of this Engine Magic you call Stop Leak and my oil pressure is right back to where it should be. This stuff is amazing. Will be adding a quart with every oil change. -Aaron M.

Thanks for making such a GREAT product! It sure saved me a lot of cash!

I am a salesman who puts a lot of miles, a mixture of highway and city stop and go, on vehicles. I currently own a 2005 Toyota Camry with 205,000 miles on it's 4 cylinder engine. About two months ago I started noticing a puff of smoke on the first start up of the day. It kept getting progressively worse, so I spoke to a mechanic who told me the valve seals were shot. Cost of repairing the seals wouldn't be that much more than replacing the engine with a used one. The engine was not leaking oil on the garage floor and it runs really well, so I started looking for an alternative. On the advice of another mechanic I picked up an additive from a well known company. It didn't come close to slowing down what had become a pretty significant cloud. I didn't want to spend $3500 on a car with that amount of miles and decided to give it one more shot, I've used a variety of Lucas products and have always been pleased with the results. Changed the oil using one of the best synthetic oils you can buy and substituted a quart of Engine Oil Stop Leak. On the bottle you state "It Works" and I am living proof that it does exactly that. On the very first start up the next morning NO SMOKE! Not only that, but the engine runs smoother and much quieter. Thanks for making such a GREAT product! It sure saved me a lot of cash! -Doug G.

After using it I will recommend to all my customers with leaks!

I have a 1984 Mercedes Benz diesel that has had many leaks from the day I got it in 2012, over time I’ve replaced this and that but there is 1 leak that I could not get to stop and thus would run a qt of oil a week thru the leak. Put in 2 bottles of stop leak and today the leak has just been a few small drips on the concrete, I expect it to get better since its only been 18 hours and about 6-7 miles of driving. We sell this at our shop and after using it I will recommend to all my customers with leaks! -Jesse

Results were apparent the first day...

I have an old 8000 lb fork lift with a 3-stage mast. It was leaking like a sieve. I would keep a pan under it and dump the hydraulic oil back in through a filter every time I wanted to use it. I was expecting to pay more than $1000 to replace the seals. A guy at a local autoparts store recommended Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster and Stop Leak. I dumped in an entire bottle. The reservoir holds more than 5 gallons. Results were apparent the first day and they have been even better since. We used to have to dump a trail of cat litter to soak up the trail of hydraulic oil. Now there is zero trail. It's great stuff! -Den

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