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After using it I will recommend to all my customers with leaks!

I have a 1984 Mercedes Benz diesel that has had many leaks from the day I got it in 2012, over time I’ve replaced this and that but there is 1 leak that I could not get to stop and thus would run a qt of oil a week thru the leak. Put in 2 bottles of stop leak and today the leak has just been a few small drips on the concrete, I expect it to get better since its only been 18 hours and about 6-7 miles of driving. We sell this at our shop and after using it I will recommend to all my customers with leaks! -Jesse

Results were apparent the first day...

I have an old 8000 lb fork lift with a 3-stage mast. It was leaking like a sieve. I would keep a pan under it and dump the hydraulic oil back in through a filter every time I wanted to use it. I was expecting to pay more than $1000 to replace the seals. A guy at a local autoparts store recommended Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster and Stop Leak. I dumped in an entire bottle. The reservoir holds more than 5 gallons. Results were apparent the first day and they have been even better since. We used to have to dump a trail of cat litter to soak up the trail of hydraulic oil. Now there is zero trail. It's great stuff! -Den

Lisa saved $1200 by using Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak.

"I cannot say enough positive things about the Lucas Oil leak product. My daughters 2004 Honda Civic developed an oil leak. We were told it was a head gasket with a repair cost of $1200! A friend recommended the Lucas product so what did we have to loose. After getting an oil change and having them put 1qt of the Lucas product in (Follow directions on the bottle) we waited to see if this would solve the problem. After about driving the car for about 200 miles the leak disappeared no more oil spots on the driveway! The engine is running smoothly and no more leak. Thank you Lucas Oil!!!"--Lisa Miller

Wayne Harris says, "This stuff works!"

This stuff works! I have a 2002 Grand Am with over 160k miles and one day the steering rack sprung a leak. Not a drip-drip, but a stream of fluid shooting out the driver's side of the rack, emptying the power steering reservoir into a 3-foot wide gusher blasting out behind the tire. While shopping for a replacement rack online, I found people claiming this stuff works. I bought 2 bottles. The first bottle pretty much streamed out the gaping leak, but must've done something because the second bottle stopped the leak! Wow. I'm carrying a third bottle in the trunk, just in case. Much easier (and cheaper) than replacing the rack. Time to look at some other Lucas products! Wayne Harris - KY, Alvaton

Thomas Bautista. This product is unreal it's a bottle of of automotive magic.

I have a 2002 chevrolet blazer 4x4 with the 4.3l V6. This motor is well known to have a leaky rear main seal around 100k miles. When I bought it in late 2015 it had a leaking rear main. I was all set to spend ~$450 to have it replaced when I decided to change the oil and try Lucas engine oil stop leak not expecting much. All I can say is I am completely shocked the back of the motor is now dry there are no signs of even a tiny leak. This product is unreal it's a bottle of of automotive magic.

Ronnie Mack picked up a bottle of Lucas and pour it in and it stopped the leak Completely!

A friend and I just installed a 470 dollar-rack and pinion in my 2008 Cadillac CTS. 2 -days later it was leaking all over my driveway. I made a weekend appointment with my friend at his garage to put my car back on the hoist to find the leak. That was 4 days away. I still had to use my car to go to work. I picked up a bottle of Lucas and pour it in and it stopped the leak Completely! What is in this stuff? Amazing! I've yet to put my car on a hoist.

Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak "Just Works" for Avalanche's Start Up Problems

"I have a 2004 Avalanche with 170k miles. After longish trips (100+miles) the next start up would bring a cloud of smoke. I added the Engine Oil Leak Stop and it worked almost immediately. Also, compression is noticeably higher and the engine runs much smoother. It just works." -C. Harvey from Houston

1 Quart of Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak Saves $7,000

"I had an internal oil leak on my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Dealer wanted to charge me $7,000 for a new engine. 1 quart of Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak fixed the problem. Jeep is fine now 180,000 miles and counting!" -Alterick L.

Engine Oil Stop Leak Makes World of Difference for Ford F-150

"I had a '89 Ford F-150 the V8 motor leaked oil bad, so I added Lucas Oil and it helped so much it also raised my oil pressure and also made it run quieter. Before the motor had a ticking sound, I was told it was the rist pins but after adding Lucas it made a world of difference." -Danie Jowers

I used the stop leak in a 23 hp Kawasaki and it stopped the leak 100%.

I have used Lucas products for many years in my vehicles and small engines in my lawn business. Its hard to beleive it works but it really does. I used the stop leak in a 23 hp Kawasaki and it stopped the leak 100%. I use the stabilizer in everything. I recently changed oil in a commercial hand mower and didnt have any Lucas so I didnt use it. After 5 min the engine started knocking (never heard it before) I then changed oil again adding Lucas and the knock is gone completley. Lucas will always go in all of my engines, Great product.

-Chris Cravens

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