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All turbo and exhaust brake function has returned to normal saving me at least $1500 to $2,000

My 2008 Dodge Ram 3500, 6.7 Turbo Diesel was plagued with code 0340...sticking turbo vanes. All remedies pointed to turbo removal. After a gallon of Lucas Fuel Treatment the code has cleared and all turbo and exhaust brake function has returned to normal saving me at least $1500 to $2,000. Thank you Lucus! If only more Dodge owners knew. -John I., Tygh Valley, OR

The P0420 code has stopped coming on and my fuel economy has increased.

I never write a review or comment on a product but in this instance I must. I have been using your Fuel Treatment for years. I have a daily commute of close to 200 miles round trip five days a week. I currently drive a 2006 Nissan Altima with over 235,000 miles. With all the mileage I put on cars, I have gotten the dreaded P0420, Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold. As a test I tried every product to see if I could get rid of it, clearing the code with my OBDII scanner each time. Nothing seemed to prevent it from coming on. After clearing the code one more time I started using your Fuel Treatment religiously. The P0420 code has stopped coming on. A bit skeptical, I stopped the Fuel Treatment and low and behold the engine light came on and it was the P0420 code. Once again I cleared the code and put the Lucas Fuel Treatment to the test. The engine light with the P0420 code never came on and to top it off my fuel economy has increased. -Marc V., Tannersville, PA

My Mileage Increased…A LOT

This beast was the best vehicle I owned [2005 Jeep TJ Rubicon I-6 AMC 6 speed], yes even over my Ram 1500 Longhorn. After selling my 1993 [Jeep] this was the natural progression for me. Of course Lucas was simply transferred from old Jeep to new Jeep and I anxiously wanted to see the difference the Fuel Treatment would make. Now, with this in the inline 6 (torque monster) what I experienced was completely different. The throttle response didn’t change any but my mileage increased…A LOT. Doing the same trip mentioned above with this Jeep I could make it home on a full tank without Lucas (forgot to buy it before I left…), that was a plus! BUT with having Lucas Treatment it in the tank on the way home, HA! I had a quarter of a tank of fuel left…? I scratched my heading thinking was it windy? The hills different? Did I drive slower? I knew the answer but couldn’t be sure. But after 5 more years of traveling back in for with Lucas in the tank….YES, it was the Treatment that made the difference every single time. - Kyle G., New Brunswick, Canada

All I can say is WOW!!!!!

As a young guy into mechanics and motors you always wanted to do what was best for your powertrain to matter the age. First thing we did of course was a full fluid flush (Engine/tranny/transferase/front-rear diff) of all oils using all your [Lucas] products. I did this out of comfort knowing I would not have issues but here was the most impressive thing for me. I used to travel home biweekly from Fredericton to Dalhousie, NB. This trip was typically 450km each way. I began to use the Fuel Treatment because Dad always used in his diesels and read it was safe for gas engines. All I can say is WOW!!!!! I did the cold air intake thing, the throttle spacer thing,…ect. and never really got any gains other then noise and sounding like small junker car wishing it had a V8. I never could make it home on one tank of gas between Fredericton and Dalhousie but I faithfully always put a cup of treatment in the tank before departing to and from, there was always a full bottle under the seat. There was always a noticeable difference in throttle response. The thing I noticed the most was the decrease in having to find a lower gear on hills. Now, the biggest difference came from when I had about 50km to go and had to stop and fill to make it home. I never did put the treatment in then, but this were the Jeep was a completely different vehicle from there on out. The sluggish returned… BUT I had a fix! - Kyle G., New Brunswick, Canada

After treating the engine with Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant, the Check Engine light went out and never came back on again.

I had a check engine light for bad oxygen sensors. The mechanic couldn't change the oxygen sensors because they were frozen in place. We have no emission control inspections, and there was no effect on engine performance, so we decided ignore the problem. However, after treating the engine with Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant for a period of time, the Check Engine light went out and never came back on again. -Charles T., Lakeville, MN

I can definitely feel the difference...

I use the Upper Cylinder Lubricant with Injector Cleaners product every time I put gas in my 2013 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. I can definitely feel the difference after 1/2 bottle of this in there. Bike usually feels sluggish in warmer temps; always ran real good in cooler temps; but with this stuff, runs just as good in warmer temps. Pulls hard too. Not sure what's in this stuff; but it works! -Gus G., Chandler, AZ

I've used Lucas injector cleaner on my 2007 chevy Impala with good results.

I've used Lucas injector cleaner on my 2007 chevy Impala LT 3.9L v6. Good results. Even today I was going up a step grade and before it would always down shift going up. Well today it didn't shift down to a lower gear at all. And you could hear it with that low tone of steadily going up the hill. Always use this injector cleaner from Lucas by the quart or gallon. Then just add a portion to a 3 oz bottle to add to a fill of gas. -Robert N., Balaton, MN

Great product!

I have a 2014 Grand Cherokee. Had my dealer put plugs in @ 45000 miles. Have used Lucas Fuel Treatment since brand new, about 8oz per fill up. I had my mechanic put a borescope down the intake runners to see what the ports and backside of the intake valves looked like. Perfect shape, NO carbon in ports or backside of intake valves. A valve at full lift showed no signs of stem wear, as well as a view of the cylinder wall which looked like a freshly honed bore. Great product! Kenny H., Paoli, PA

Within a half hour my gauge started working again.

I started using the Lucus fuel conditioner [Lucas Fuel Treatment] when my fuel gauge in my Ford diesel truck got stuck. I was told by a friend to use it for this purpose, and within a half hour on the road after using it my gauge started working again. If you use it for nothing else, just solving this problem alone is worth it. -Stephen H., Redlands, CA

It's the best product on the market!!

I use Lucas Upper Cylinder lubricant at every fill up in my 1997 Ford Ranger. It's the best product on the market!! I get improved fuel mileage and easier startups and no hesitation, especially when accelerating onto on ramps and when passing. I also like Lucas Slick Mist in between waxings. -Jim R., Tahlequah, OK

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