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The mechanic said that he has rarely seen an engine this clean

Along with all your reviews, I thought I might add this one. I too have been using the upper cylinder cleaner in all my engines. I have a 2008 Mazda 3 with only 75K miles on it. The dealer(whom I very seldom go to) said it would be in my best interest to have an AIC(air induction cleaning) performed. After having it done, the mechanic said that he has rarely seen an engine this clean and whatever I was doing keep it up. Thank you Lucas products. - Christopher B., No Haven, CT

After 30 Miles The Rough Idling Subsided

At 65 years old not much surprises me. I have NEVER used additive in an auto. I have a 2012 Hyundia Genesis with 209,000 miles. It was idling rough. I'm thinking I need a $300.00 cleaning at the dealership. I decided for once in my life I would try an additive. I went to Walmart and of course they had 50 different kinds. I pick LUCAS because they are very reputable company. OK let get to the meat of this story. I put 6 oz of LUCAS UPPER CYLINDER lubricant in my tank. My hand on a bible after 30 miles the rough idling subsided. I would not believe this if it had not happened to me. Jaw dropping moment. -Henry G., Lawrenceville, GA

I started using the Lucas and cured the need to clean the sensor

I have five vehicles that I run Lucas fuel injector cleaner on every fill. I had a Toyota Corolla that had miss at idle. The dealer charged me $150 to clean the map sensor. I started using the Lucas and cured the need to clean the sensor. I use in my ethanol free gas for my 115 hp Suzuki outboard, Stihl chain saw, Toro 4 stroke recycler mower, Suzuki ATV, all works flawlessly. - Kim B., Sarasota, FL

Really has made a difference in the performance of the engine

I have been using your upper cylinder lubricant in my 2014 Camaro since it was new. Really has made a difference in the performance of the engine. Not to mention that it helps keep the intake, injectors and the valves clean. One of the best things you can do for your engine. Lucas products are the best out there and a great value too. - Gordon W., South Burlington, VT

Lucas Fuel Treatment is an awesome product.

I have used this in all my vehicles. So, I knew that it was a quality product. Recently, my son had trouble with his lawn mower. He had let it set over the winter with gasoline in it; unfortunately, the gasoline contained ethanol. When he got ready to use it again this year, it would not start. We emptied the gas out of the tank. We replaced the fuel filter and all the fuel line hoses. The carburetor is complex, so we did not mess with that. We finally got it started, but it ran rough and it only ran at an idle speed, even though it was full throttle. We contacted our local small engine repair shop. We were told that this often happens if you let an engine sit for an extended period of time with ethanol fuel in it. We were told that the carburetor would have to be rebuilt and that would cost about $1,000. Instead, we decided to try the Lucas Fuel treatment. I checked the website, and it said that overtreatment would not harm your engine, so I put the whole 5.25 Oz bottle into 5 gallons of fuel. We put new fuel in the lawn mower and started it. After five minutes, it started running smoothly, but still at a reduced speed and it was smoking badly. After 10 minutes, it was running at normal speed and all of the smoke was gone. It would appear that this fixed the carburetor problem and saved me $1,000. I learned 2 lessons from this. First, never use gasoline that contains ethanol in a lawn mower. And, second, Lucas Fuel Treatment is an awesome product. - Randall B., Comanche, TX

I will recommend your products to my motorcycle riding friend

Recently used your fuel injector cleaner on my 20 year old Motoguzzi motorcycle. I was having problems starting after engine was hot. After pouring a 5 ounce bottle of Lucas injector cleaner in my fuel, the problem disappeared. I will recommend your products to my motorcycle riding friend and continue to use Lucas products in the future, thanks! -Gary G., Baltimore, MD

I have used Fuel Treatment at every fill-up

Have a F-150 purchased with 35,000 today I have 250,000 and have used Fuel Treatment at every fill-up have only needed to change plugs two times no problems with fuel injectors, actually I have had no problems with any part from the fuel pump to the exhaust system. I still pull my 16 ft. fishing boat to reservoirs far and near. I also still drive to my daughter's house 2,000 miles every year. It's my daily driver. -Michael H., Topeka, KS

Great stuff!

Great stuff! Use it in my 1990 dodge W-250 pickup Cummings equipt. I’ve got 850,000 km on her and never had to have the injectors cleaned since I started using this product. First used it ten years ago under advice of a friend, never will not use it again, more affordable than “other” products on the market and you know for sure, if it’s got the Lucas name on it, it’s a good product. Thanks for the engineering on this product Lucas! -John M., Delta, Mississippi

After Pouring The Treatment Into My Gas Tank I Started To Feel The Difference

This product works. After using the fuel treatment for my 2008 Ford, I can feel the effects. My car has 100,000 miles on it and after pouring the treatment into my gas tank, I started to feel the difference. I would highly recommend this product. -Aidan B., Elma, NY

I Keep Lucas In Everything I Own.

Just wanted to let whom ever know that I don't usually write reviews. This one out of about ten that I have done in my lifetime. I have been using Lucas fuel treatment for along time (over 20 years). I have a lawn mower that is 22 years old never had the carburetor off of it, still using it to this day. I had a 13 year old $60 Walmart weedeater that still had the original carburetor on it that was never removed(finally wore the motor out and had to get a new one). I have an 2004 Monte Carlo with 230,00 miles that still get 29 mpg. I keep Lucas in everything I own. It works. When I fill up gasoline cans I put it in before I fill them up. -Chris S., Cumberland City, TN

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