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I can definitely feed the difference...

I use the Upper Cylinder Lubricant with Injector Cleaners product every time I put gas in my 2013 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. I can definitely feed the difference after 1/2 bottle of this in there. Bike usually feels sluggish in warmer temps; always ran real good in cooler temps; but with this stuff, runs just as good in warmer temps. Pulls hard too. Not sure what's in this stuff; but it works! -Gus G., Chandler, AZ

I've used Lucas injector cleaner on my 2007 chevy Impala with good results.

I've used Lucas injector cleaner on my 2007 chevy Impala LT 3.9L v6. Good results. Even today I was going up a step grade and before it would always down shift going up. Well today it didn't shift down to a lower gear at all. And you could hear it with that low tone of steadily going up the hill. Always use this injector cleaner from Lucas by the quart or gallon. Then just add a portion to a 3 oz bottle to add to a fill of gas. -Robert N., Balaton, MN

Great product!

I have a 2014 Grand Cherokee. Had my dealer put plugs in @ 45000 miles. Have used Lucas Fuel Treatment since brand new, about 8oz per fill up. I had my mechanic put a borescope down the intake runners to see what the ports and backside of the intake valves looked like. Perfect shape, NO carbon in ports or backside of intake valves. A valve at full lift showed no signs of stem wear, as well as a view of the cylinder wall which looked like a freshly honed bore. Great product! Kenny H., Paoli, PA

Within a half hour my gauge started working again.

I started using the Lucus fuel conditioner [Lucas Fuel Treatment] when my fuel gauge in my Ford diesel truck got stuck. I was told by a friend to use it for this purpose, and within a half hour on the road after using it my gauge started working again. If you use it for nothing else, just solving this problem alone is worth it. -Stephen H., Redlands, CA

It's the best product on the market!!

I use Lucas Upper Cylinder lubricant at every fill up in my 1997 Ford Ranger. It's the best product on the market!! I get improved fuel mileage and easier startups and no hesitation, especially when accelerating onto on ramps and when passing. I also like Lucas Slick Mist in between waxings. -Jim R., Tahlequah, OK

I want to say your products are amazing.

I want to say your products are amazing. I have a 95 Toyota 4Runner with the 3.0 V6 and the car is very sluggish on Hills especially when towing my boat. I went fishing and put a bottle of Upper Cylinder Lubricant in the gas tank on the way up and one on the way down. Well, now that I’m back the car now has more power and better fuel economy. I was very impressed and now use it on a daily basis. The car has over 203,000 miles on it and it runs better than its ever been. My next experiment is your oil stabilizer in my dads truck. That’s a 89 Toyota pickup with over 281,000 miles on it and it will hopefully take away some of the knock and help the 20w-50 weight oil flow better in the cold mornings. So thank you Lucas Oil and I plan on buying more of your products! -Louis O.

Our mechanic has mentioned that our cars run great due in part that we use the Lucas products.

I have 2 VWs, a 2004 Passat 1.8LT Tubo with 271,000 miles and a 2009 VW Tigaun 2.0LT with 156,000 miles. Both cars are running great, and one of the reasons is because every 10th fill up we add the Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Injector Cleaner. Our mechanic has mentioned that our cars run great due in part that we use the Lucas products. I recently met the [Lucas] National Sales Director and he was kind enough to explain how the product works at keeping the fuel system clean. Keep up supplying great products. -Chris R.

It's incredible and actually works and works well.

A 2003 Chevrolet V8 5.7 L engine with 273,000 miles. The engine is excellent, has excellent combustion, I replaced all the spark plugs, wires and everything I could think of to get rid of the check engine light that indicated a misfire in a cylinder or an EGR related or catalytic related error code. I'd almost given up and was just in the process of changing the EGR thinking that might be defective, thought I would try for the first time this Lucas fuel injection cleaner [Lucas Fuel Treatment]. I added probably the recommended amount, maybe a little more to the existing 20 gallons in the tank and almost immediately the check engine light went off and did not come back on. The engine also appears to start easier and run a little better, but it's too soon to tell as I've just treated it and I've only driven the truck maybe 40 or 50 miles - but by some miracle that check engine light is not coming back on and the engine appears to be running as good as ever. I have tried Chevron Techron many times, thinking it was probably one of the best cleaners available - but I don't think that's true, while it does work your product appears to work much better and I suspect I may have had partially clogged fuel injectors. Because the catalytic converters were replaced 15k miles ago when I bought this 3500 Express 1ton van, the O2 sensors have all been replaced and I would still get this engine misfire error code or emission-related error code. Your product appears to have solved my problem. I just went to Amazon today and ordered another gallon and will be looking into buying much more bulk quantity of your product and putting it in all my engines. It's incredible and actually works and works well. -Richard H.

After using Upper Cylinder Lubricant--problem gone.

I just started using you Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Fuel Conditioner in my 2 early 70's vehicles, both designed for leaded fuel. I have had starting issues with the unleaded fuels for years when they sat for 2-3 days or more. Carbs would not have enough fuel in them- both have mechanical pumps and I checked and repaired any possible issues (other than installing an electric pump). After using Upper Cylinder Lubricant--problem gone-no more fast gas evaporation. -Ken M.

No more sticking valve, it works great.

I have 5hp Honda engine mounted on a log splitter which are notorious for sticking intake valve, cannot get engine started unless you pull valve out and clean. I use 1/2oz.of Lucas Fuel Treatment in every tank of gas, no more sticking valve, it works great. -David R.

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