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As far as I'm concerned you cannot find anything better for the money.

As a retired owner/operator of 36 years, all I ever used is Lucas Fuel Injector cleaner. I used it in all my trucks and in my reefer units. A few of my friends and I used to buy 15 to 25 CASES at a time. I still use it in my pickup, my wife's car, my boat, lawnmowers, weedeaters, chainsaw, power washer. Anything that I own with a gas or diesel engine gets Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner. I have recommended to my friends and anyone who asks me what I use. As far as I'm concerned you cannot find anything better for the money. -Stephen

YOU SAVED ME $2,000 at the dealer!

I have a 2012 VW TDI, been at the dealer 3 times for issues with hesitation. After spending $1k on cleaning tank, filter etc, they wanted me to spend $2k more on new injectors! I love Lucas for my sons dirt bike, so I ordered the fuel treatment! After 1 day with this in the tank, ALL THE ISSUES WENT AWAY! YAHOOOO, saved me 2 grand! Thanks Lucas, this is a great product! I'm bringing the VW dealer a bottle! You guys make a great product! -Howard

Damn good product!

My check engine light came on and I pulled a P0420 cat. converter code that was bank 1 intermittent. I wanted to try a treatment before replacing the cat. so I bought a treatment specifically made for catalytic converters and added it to my fuel following the instructions. My check engine light came back on and stayed on after emptying and refilling the tank. Ten days after the re-fill I was pricing the cat. parts to replace and decided it wouldn't hurt to try a treatment one more time. This time I used Lucas fuel injector treatment and added it to my fuel. After about five 20 gal. fill ups and a small bottle of Lucas fuel injector cleaner each time my check engine light has not come back on has stayed off. I'm sold! Damn good product! -Julio Santos Jr.

Great Product!!!!

Great Product!!!! AS a true believer in the Lucas Oil additive during Oil Changes, I decided to use the fuel additive in my 2015 Dodge Challenger RT (5.7 fuel saving engine) as it got some bad gas during the Gas shortage here in GA recently. I bought the small bottle from Auto zone for my 19 Gallon tank of the Muscle car and Oh boy!!!!!!! The product increased performance and restored my lost horsepower. Thought I was Blade, Ghost Rider or Vin Diesel, as the product made it Faster and more Furious!!!!!! Thanks Lucas!!!! I think I will use it around twice a month on Fill-Ups. What the Heck every other fill-up. -Jermy Rawls (Stockbridge, GA)

THANK YOU , Lucas, for such a superior line of products.

I have a 2005 Dodge Dakota with 130.000 miles. Recently i started to use full synthetic oil. I noticed I had a minor tap in the engine. On my recent oil change the attendant heard this tap and recommended using your Heavy Duty Oil Treatment . Almost right away the tap was gone and so far it hasn't come back. I already use your gas treatment. THANK YOU , Lucas, for such a superior line of products. I will forever use your oil and gas treatment! -James J Poche Jr, Laplace, LA

Marcus Hudgins, "I wouldn't dare use anything else other than Lucas!!!"

I've been using Lucas Fuel Treatment since 2009 and I still use it this very day. Gas mileage is better , cleaner fuel injectors and it makes every car I've used it in ride so much better. I wouldn't dare use anything else other than Lucas!!! The best there is!!!

348,000 Miles on 2004 Porsche Cayenne with Lucas

"I own a 2004 Porsche Cayenne and have 348,000 miles. I contribute the high milage on this vehicle to the use regular Lucas gas additives. Nobody believes I have that milage on it and I tell them all to use Lucas!" -Mark D. from Philadelphia, PA

Fuel Treatment Stops Stalling in Honda

"My 2001 Honda was stalling every two minutes. I went to my mechanic, he said he was way behind on some cars that he wouldn't be able to see my car until tomorrow. He gave me a small bottle of your fuel injector cleaner. Told me to pour it in the gas tank an drive it for 10 - 15 minutes... It was running smoother then silk after about 10 minutes.. I had never seen a additive of any sort actually work. I put a bottle in each of our cars once a year now. Thanks!" -Frank A.

Lucas Fuel Treatment Gives Tacoma 6+ MPGs

"I have a 2013 Toyota Tacoma and I put 25K miles on my truck a year, I started using Lucas Fuel Treatment about four months ago and my performance and mileage has really gotten better, I went from 23.5 mpg to 29.65 as of this mornings fill up. I was a skeptic but I have measurable data that proves it out. Great product, I run in all three of my vehicles now." -Mike O.

No New Salamander Required, Just a Little Lucas Injector Cleaner.

"I recently had new garage started to be built. since the weather here in Indiana is so cold., due to the late start, my contractor. discovered it was colder then he thought it was going to be. he became sick which left me with numerous little jobs to do and I brought out my trusted salamander heater. so while installing insulation to the inside of my new garage I would fill the heater and use it to make the tempter bearable to work in . Then while working one day the salamander heater would run for a few minutes and then stop. Over and over again I would restart the heater, and it occurred to me this thing works like a jet engine or a carb on a auto engine. I wonder if the jet is clogged up or something else is in the fuel causing this problem. so I had just purchased some of your cleaners for my truck and car as I often do and add it in occasional.. I retrieved the cleaner quart bottle and poured some into the salamander tank. then picked the heater up and shook it back and forth several times. I plugged in the electricity and it started up heating. I noticed the flame seemed brighter and the heat was notability better. soon it was sounding like a solid burning unit. I was a jet engine mechanic in the USAF and I listen to the engine and you can tell when it burns well or not. since that day the heater is working very well and no more shut downs due to what had caused the problem originally. You could advise more of your customers of this little trick to remove any carbon build up on the salamander injectors or the fuel pump, or just deicing the fuel tank. so thank you for all the help. Oh by the way the contractor had the flu and is still healing . I am still doing little things to the inside of my new garage. and the heater is running everyday top notch. "No new salamander required, just a little Lucas injector cleaner." Thank You." -John D Hughes

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